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Monday, November 12, 2012

Wonder Box Review

I love getting mail. So I'm not surprised that Big Brother loves to get mail too. Being that he is only four, most of his mail consists of the kid targeted junk mail that we get. He doesn't care, if it has stickers or characters on it, it's very cool and it's his.

What I love about my next review, is that it's mail for kids, but much more than stickers and characters on paper. It's a whole box full of learning and fun! It's a Wonder Box!

About Wonder Box
Wonder Box is a monthly subscription box targeted at ages 3 to 6 and a product of Each month a box, addressed to your child arrives with three hands on projects to spark their creativity and make learning fun. The projects are made using quality materials and meant for repeat play.

Wonder Box Review
Like I mentioned before Big Brother loves to receive mail. So imagine his surprise when this fun big box arrived just for him! I'm a sucker for details, so the cute little box with the groundhog on it was great! He couldn't wait to dig in and see what it was all about!

Our box was the "Once Upon A Time" box. In the box is a card explaining the projects and lists the skills your child will use on each project. For example, fine motor, creativity, dramatic play, etc. Each project item is also labeled with detailed instructions for each project.

In our box was the following:
• Story Cape - A fun red satin cape with a blank canvas backside just waiting to be designed with the included fabric crayons. Used for imaginative play and my boys favorite item in the box.

• Puppet Play: A fabric bag filled with all sorts of goodies to make a new felt friend. Felt pieces and even a small bottle of glue included.

• Story Cards: A fun pack of photo only story cards. You make up the story based on the cards as you go along. Great for both parents and kids to get involved. These come in a fantastic little tin so the cards don't get bent.

• Fun Pack: Color a Story: The story of Stone Soup coloring book and crayons to make it come to life.

• Recipe for Stone Soup: After reading the story of Stone Soup and you are ready for your own, included is the recipe to make the story come to life with your child, including adding a stone to the soup.

Big Brother got straight to work on the puppet friend. His favorite part the googly eyes and yarn hair, which he made his into a mustache. There were tons of pieces to use for this project so it kept Big Brother busy for quite some time. He loves to chomp his new puppet friend around the house often, especially after his brother.

Next the Story Cards were quite intriguing, and once he heard what they were for and my make believe stories, he wanted me to do more and more. These are a fantastic idea and great fun. I loved that we could go through the cards and I could then ask Big Brother what was next. He would always come up with something so silly. We had a good laugh and fun time together with these for sure. I also love that we can use these over and over again.

The Story Cape is a big hit around the house. It is red satin on one side and nice high quality. It gets used each day by both boys. I mean what little boy or girl doesn't love a cape? The best part about the cape is that the backside was a blank canvas to color on with special fabric crayons. Big Brother had great fun with this as well. And now this is his very own cape and special creation. (Although Little Brother likes to sneak it and wear too.) A many adventures have been had already in the cape.

The story of Stone Soup is an important teaching tool and lesson. Although we haven't yet made the soup, it sounds delicious and is on our to do list. It will be great to read the story again and make the soup as we go. Of course Big Brother will get a great kick out of putting a stone in our soup.

What I really love about the Wonder Box is that each item and project is a learning opportunity for your child. Can you really go wrong with a product from They are also high quality items that can be used again and again for learning and play around the house. So although it's a craft project, it isn't something that will be recycled down the road or stepped on and wrinkled. You really get your money's worth out of these boxes, and what price can you really place on learning.

Wonder Box is just $19.99 a month on a monthly subscription plan. You can also get a one month or 3 month gift subscription. Just think what a fantastic gift this would be for the upcoming holiday's! A gift that keeps on giving!

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We LOVE the Wonder Box and are sure any child would love to find this in their mailbox too!
Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I did not receive any compensation for this review. The opinions in my reviews are my own, and others’ opinions may vary. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.

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