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Monday, September 17, 2012

maamam haarbib review

How many times have we all said...I really could use something like _________ or I need to invent something for ____________. Well the Mom's at maamam actually stopped saying it and now have a successful company creating modern, safe, innovative and practical products.

About maamam
maamam was started by two ambitious and driven moms. They left their professional careers to focus on expanding their families and as they became mothers they realized the challenge of raising children and the need for more functional gear to help us every day in the difficult tasks we take on parenting.

maamam = motherly, nurturing, special.

The main goal of maamam is to solve common problems we encounter as parents. They realize that everyday moms know best on what products could simplify the tough job of parenting.  We all have good ideas but just can't take on the means of such a big project to design and sell them.

maamam wants to hear your unique ideas! If your idea fits their ideology and design standards their mission is to enable you with modern design, high quality production and professional go-to-market and support. To help make your idea a reality!

haarbib review
We were sent the haarbib in the short style and with orange trim for review. Other colors include teal, green, yellow and pink. maamam offers a long version as well for longer hair.

I can see this being used for a million different uses. We have been using ours for teeth brushing. Throw the haarbib on and skip the spray and mess that comes with brushing kids teeth. Also love that they can wipe their mouth on it and skip sticky toothpaste mess (that you know you will wipe your hands on) on the bathroom hand towel.

When were done brushing we hang up the haarbib and can reuse it the next night. This has been saving us days worth of hand towels going in the laundry. You will want one for each kid. And you can even personalize them making it that much more easy to keep organized and personal.

This doesn't have to just be for kids either, how easy it would be to throw over your shoulders in the morning and feel secure there will be no toothpaste glob or makeup landing on your work outfit!

As I have boys we don't have any long hair other than mine. But if you did have girls and again for us women too, just snap on the haarbib and you've got no drippy wet hair soaking your clothing. It all stays on the bib. This would be perfect for taking to the pool as well!

One side of the haarbib is a 100% cotton terry fabric while the other side is a soft cotton. It has two different snap positions and is very well sewn. A simple clean product that makes things run a little more smooth in the household.

Other products from maamam include the award winning aacua and the laavo. The aacua is a 4 in 1 apron, towel, baby wrap and bath wrap. And the laavo is multi purpose washcloth of sorts. Could be a cloth wipe or wash rag or small towel. You decide.

Follow maamam on Facebook and Twitter for updates, new products and other fun information! And calling all Moms & Dads! Submit your fantastic ideas to maamam here! I'd love to hear that one of my readers was the new feature product at maamam!
Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I did not receive any compensation for this review. The opinions in my reviews are my own, and others’ opinions may vary. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.

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  1. I love how that fits! The size is great too. Their aacua 4 in 1 is a great, innovative product as well. Would make a great gift so I have bookmarked them.