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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Slap-On Gear Slap Watch Review

As a child of the 80's I had, wore and owned many of classic iconic items you think about when you hear 80's. Think LA Gear, Tee Shirt Clips, Leg Warmers, China Flats and oh yes Slap Bracelets!

So when I spotted the new fad Slap Watches I had to try them out! And let me tell you they did not disappoint! What a fun, funky, hip way to bring back the slap bracelet!

I had the opportunity to work with Slap-On Gear and review their watches. They offer 13 interchangeable fun colors and at crazy affordable prices. I chose the Strawberry Red and Snow White in the adult size and the Royal Blue and Orange Juice in the child sizes.

If you aren't familiar with the original slap bracelet, the band is a concave band of material like used for tape measures. The material snaps back into position when folded past a threshold.  The watches are these same bands covered in Silicone. You can snap the watch band straight and when you are ready to wear it, you simply snap it over your wrist and it folds and wraps around.

The Silicone bands are nice and smooth and soft, and are very comfortable to wear. There is no buckle so the band fits the size you need and will move and stretch as your arm moves, so no band pinching or  fitting too tight. The silicone is extremely durable and water resistant.

The watches come in two sizes. Adult and Child. Adult is 11 inches long and child is 8 7/8 inches long. I prefered the adult size, even though it is a bit more chunky and a thicker band. The child size fit my arm well too, it just has a smaller faceplate and band thickness. So if you are wanting something a little less noticeable or smaller women's sizing watch I would go for the child size.

The more colors you get the more color combinations you can make by switching the time piece. The time piece easily pops out by flexing the silicone edging, but not easy enough it would ever fall out on its own. Because these are so durable they are perfect for kids and teens. Both Big Brother and Little Brother love these watches even though they are young and of course don't need a watch. They make wearing a watch and telling time fun!

Slap-On Watches are great gift ideas and you can get great deals when purchasing more than one. One watch is $15. You can buy 3 for only $30 and 5 for $40. Think stocking stuffers and Christmas Gifts! Christmas is not that far away!

I love my Slap-On watches. They are fun and funky, yet functional at the same time. Easy to put on and durable, especially with my boys!

Don't miss Slap-On on Facebook and they have often been on daily deal sites offering even better pricing! I think I could have one in every color!
Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I did not receive any compensation for this review. The opinions in my reviews are my own, and others’ opinions may vary. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.

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