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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Love Handles Stroller Elliptical Review

Are you a fellow Mom who has no time for yourself? You might barely have time to get a shower, let alone get in a workout? (hand raised)

Do you want to workout and try to get back to that pre baby body? But just can't seem to find the time? (hand raised again)

I try really hard to get my workout in each day. But some days it's just not happening. With the boys it can all depend on moods, naps, food, etc. And although we walk nearly every day, I'd really love to burn a few extra calories and not only slim down a little, but still be able to eat what I love.

Ok now here comes the really cool part. What if I told you, you could go out for a walk or jog with your kids and burn three times the calories as you normally would, and easily? And affordably? (Do I see a show of hands here?)

Well if you are all still on board with me here, then let me introduce you to to Love Handles! No, not the ones I'm trying to burn off, but the one and only Elliptical for your stroller! No seriously! It really works!

About Love Handles
Love Handles were founded by Joanna James and Mary Moschos. They believe that exercise is needed for everyone, but especially new parents. They know that finding time is difficult and wanted to help parents save time and money by providing an overall workout while pushing and spending time with their children. No gym membership or babysitters needed, and no excuses for not working out!

And what started out as an elliptical for a baby stroller has now led to armchairs and wheelchairs as well! Anybody can use Love Handles and get some much needed exercise and feel good about it!

Love Handles Review
When I spotted Love Handles, I thought no way! I need these! Like I said I walk nearly every day with my boys. I have good intentions of getting in more exercise but don't find the time and don't have extra money or motivation for a gym membership. I needed help.

So my Love Handles arrived! I wanted to start using these right away! I was a bit worried that they wouldn't fit right on my double BOB Jogging stroller. Although the web site does show they are compatible with BOB, I didn't see any pictures of a double stroller being used. I do have a single stroller as well, but obviously with two boys, I really need to use the double.

So inside the box is very simple easy to use parts to install. You have the Love Handles themselves and then two brackets with two screws each. That's it. All the parts are very durable and well built. Now as obviously each stroller is different and the handles themselves are different they may attach in a little different location on each one.

My BOB handle has foam over the entire handle area and down the sides, so again I was worried about where the handles would fit right. They couldn't go any lower as the seat fabric is there. So as you can see here in the pictures I put them as low as they could go on the handle and over the foam and they fit just fine. Installing them was a breeze. Put on your bracket, put in the screws and screw down until tight. Done.

OK now to put them to the test. Down to the end of the street and back. No kids in the stroller. Just a test run. You can adjust the resistance level with the knobs on the side. Wow! My arms are hurting! This is hard work! Am I THAT out of shape. Sigh. Yes. My arms were burning just walking down to the end of the street and back. Now imagine doing that your entire walk and how many extra calories and muscle you will build! Awesome! And they fit just fine on the double, they didn't feel out of place or weird at all.

I've now mastered the Love Handles with the double stroller, both boys in the stroller and my dog on the leash beside me as well. Granted I am walking, not jogging like this. I love that I can burn extra calories, get some fresh air, spend zero money and be with my boys.

Here are a few things I've learned about the Love Handles...
• They work best on flat surfaces
• You can't wear your runaway stroller strap and use the Love Handles at the same time.
• If using them on a sidewalk and you have a swivel wheel on your stroller, lock the wheel straight. The stroller tends to want to roll down the driveway slopes and when your using the Love Handles it is hard to stop the stroller from turning down. (This could also be because the double stroller is bigger and heavier and might not be a problem with the single.)

Love Handles attach to nearly all strollers and are made in the USA. They easily fold down to the sides of the stroller when not in use and you can even still fold up your stroller with them attached. I love that they are invented by Mom's and they really thought of everything. They are so easy to use, anybody that can push a stroller can use them.

Love Handles are $99.99 (on sale now if you hurry for $79.99) on the Love Handles web site. This may sound a little steep at first, but if you consider a gym membership, purchasing a treadmill or any other piece of workout equipment...this is small in comparison. Plus you get the added bonus of being outside and with your kids. Start burning the extra calories and feeling good about yourself. They will pay for themselves in no time.

Head on over to Facebook and give Love Handles a "LIKE". This is one of those why didn't I think of that products. Support Joanna and Mary, fellow Mom's just like you and me!
Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I did not receive any compensation for this review. The opinions in my reviews are my own, and others’ opinions may vary. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.

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