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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer Solstice Giveaway Hop (Sponsor Spotlight): Powder Pouch

It's finally Summer! This means camping, beach trips, sandbox' and being outdoors! And this means LOTS of dirty sandy kiddos! All of that sand can be left on the beach and at the door with the help of Powder Pouch!

I had spotted Powder Pouch online and I knew this would be a welcome item to our house. My sons' sandbox is just outside our back door, which means A LOT of sand entering the back door with the kids.

About Powder Pouch
Powder Pouch was created by a fifth-generation beach family who learned their love of the sand did not need to carry over into their homes.

  • Drawstring bag encloses a soft, 100% cotton pouch
  • Washable and refillable
  • Comes with a starter supply of talc powder
  • Helps keep sand out of vehicles and upholstery
  • Makes changing baby diapers on beach more comfortable for everyone involved
The Powder Pouch is a small cotton pouch that is filled with talc powder. The pouch has a Velcro closure so you can refill the pouch when it's empty. They come in all sorts of fun designs and patterns and store in a little leather drawstring bag. It's easy and fun to use. And small enough to take anywhere.
You simply remove the Powder Pouch from the drawstring bag, give it a few taps to release the powder and then gently wipe the sandy skin. All sand will fall easily away. And it did! 

Powder Pouch Review
We used ours in the sandbox for my review, however I plan on keeping one with us for traveling as well. Cleaning up the kids wasn't even a fight. Big Brother requested his own and could easily wipe the sand off all by himself. He even likes to get out of the sandbox, use the Powder Pouch then get back in so he can do it all over again. The sand falls off easily just as promised.
They are small and clean so very easy to throw in the diaper or beach bag and this is a must have for diaper changing on the beach! Best of all you can wash them, refill them and reuse them! 

Each Powder Pouch is just $8.99 and comes with a starter supply of talc powder. But as they mention on their website, everyone will want their own. So check out their buy 5 get one free variety pack!

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WIN IT: This is the perfect product for my Summer Solstice Giveaway Hop and Powder Pouch was generous enough to send some for my readers! Come back and enter starting June 18th for a chance to win a set of 3 for your family as well as other fantastic Summer prizes! ENTER HERE!

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