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Friday, July 6, 2012

Bug Band Review & Giveaway

Now that Summer has officially started it is time to have fun in the sun, camping, picnics, barbeque's and the dreaded.....bugs!

My family is camping every other weekend all Summer and we are outdoors a lot. And when we are camping there is really no escape from the bugs, especially the mosquito's. I am not a fan of spraying chemicals on me and my family yet I don't want us all to be itchy and miserable either.  I'm so thankful I found Bug Band!

About Bug Band
Bug Band is a natural insect repellent company made right here in the USA! The main active ingredient is Geraniol, which has been proven effective in repelling a wide variety of insects, including:

• mosquitoes
• house flies
• stable flies
• horn flies
• cockroaches
• fire ants
• fleas
• gnats
• dog ticks
• lone star ticks
• no see ums

Geraniol is a natural essential oil from geranium plants. People have been using the plants for centuries to naturally repel bugs. The everyday geranium plants we grow in our flowerpots contain the geranium oil in low levels. However special geranium plants bred and refined for commercial oil production are currently grown in Nepal and other Southeast Asian countries.

When the Geraniol is formulated with other minimum risk or food-grade ingredients, the resulting repellent product is not considered a regulated pesticide. Geraniol is a biodegradable ingredient that is safe not only for the environment but for your family. There is no known toxicity to animals or wildlife.

Bug Band Review
I've had the opportunity now to use and review the Bug Band products on multiple camping and outdoor occasions. I reviewed the wristbands, pump spray and towelettes. And I have to say I am a fan. Especially for the wristbands which both Big Brother and Little Brother can easily wear. And they smell good. Not at all chemically.

Our first camping trip was a very wet rainy trip with a lot of mosquito's. They would literally attack you when you went for a walk. I was able to put the wristband around Little Brother's bike helmet right by his face and it kept the mosquito's at bay and I didn't have to worry about any nasty chemicals. The wristbands last up to 120 hours and come with a little plastic pod to put your wristband back in when not in use. This will prolong the life. They also come in assorted fun colors and even glow in the dark!

Big Brother used his wristband as well watching the fireworks on the 4th of July. It was great because he was already in his jammies and didn't have to go to bed with a bunch of bug spray on. Just pop of the wristband and off to bed.

I do think if you are in a very populated mosquito area you will want to use more than just the wristbands though to cover all areas.

My husband used the spray on a hiking trip and we have used it on all our camping trips as well with great results. And no chemicals, no deet and a good compact size to pack around.

The towelettes are also great and easy to throw in a backpack, purse, diaper bag, etc. You can guarantee you won't have any leaks yet be ready when your out and about and the bugs start biting. Very easy application on the little ones too. The towelettes also come in a tub pack.
Photo Courtesy of BugBand
Photo Courtesy of BugBand
Bug Band also carries bead bags, diffusers, spreadable repellent and now a bed bug spray as well. Each wristband is $4.95 or you can get a family pack of four for $14.95. The 3oz spray lotion I reviewed is $4.95 but they also carry a larger 6oz bottle as well. And the towelettes are $4.95 for a 4-twin pack. However they do carry larger towelette options as well. You can purchase any of the Bug Band products HERE on their website or you can find them at other fine retail stores like Walmart, Target, REI, The Home Depot and many others.

Keep up to date with the many Bug Band products, safety tips and lots more on their Facebook page as well!

Bug Band gives you the lowdown on deet here on their web site. And they will tell you that deet is a very good solvent and will melt or cause damage to plastic, rubber and paint. And let me tell you it will! We had a can of a popular deet bug spray in our storage closet and hanging over the door in a pocket type storage rack. Well the can accidentally got pushed by another item in the storage bag and it was spraying. When I finally smelled it and found the problem the spray had eaten through the entire plastic pocket and dripped to the pocket below and had eaten part of a screwdriver handle and other plastic tool parts. And this is what people spray on themselves and their family! YUCK! No thank you!

WIN IT: Now because I don't want your family to be left to the bugs and because Bug Band is so generous, one lucky winner will have the chance to win a family pack of wristbands, a 3oz pump spray and a 15 count tub of towelettes in my upcoming Summer Fun Event! This event and giveaway will start very soon on July 8, 2012! So make sure to come back to enter and keep your family bug free this Summer!
Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I did not receive any compensation for this review. The opinions in my reviews are my own, and others’ opinions may vary. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.


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  2. I have tried this product but with other brand it was effective but it have a strong scent and I don't like strong scents because it's irritate my nose. Is this product don't have strong scent? Thanks!