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Monday, November 19, 2012

Jack & Lily Kids Shoes Review

Little Brother is sporting some new kicks and they are oh so adorable! I love that there are so many kid friendly, healthy shoe options now on the market for babies and toddlers. We are so lucky to have a chance to review and show off the super cute Navy & Red Star Shoes from Jack & Lily!

About Jack & Lily
The Jack & Lily owners have been in the leather business for 25 years. They know just what they are looking for to ensure healthy and comfortable feet, while of course maintaining the cuteness factor. Only the best "Lamb Touch" leather is used keeping baby's sense of touch in mind. Jack & Lily are committed to high quality baby footwear and have more than 200 combinations of colors and styles to choose from.

Jack & Lily Review
I just love kids shoes. Especially the baby/toddler age. I'm not a big shoe person for myself, so maybe I make up for it with my boys. I had spotted Jack & Lily shoes in a local store when Big Brother was little, but his feet were already too big for them. Fast forward a couple years, Little Brother is here and can still fit their sizing! Yay!

I think their selection has increased as well because I don't remember so many cute options when I saw them before. They currently have 3 different selections. Originals, My Shoes and My Boots.

Originals: These are hand crafted in Canada with premium leather and a soft suede sole that is flexible and skid resistant. These are soft comfortable all leather shoes. They range in size from 0-6 months to 24-30 months.
My Shoes: These shoes are a little more sturdy and are made of premium leather and have their signature soft, flexible rubber sole. They come in tons of adorably cute choices for boys and girls. Size also ranges from 0-6 months to 24-30 months.
My Boots: These are built for the season! Hand crafted breathable, premium suede and their soft, flexible rubber sole. The boots have a faux fur lining and 3mm cushioned sole. Sizes range from 0-6 months to 24-30 months.
We had the opportunity to review the My Shoes Star Navy and Red Shoe. These shoes are super cute and soft and flexible. They have a soft suede lining, 3 mm's of cushioning for the sole and ankle. They have a decorative red star on the toe with fun detailed stitching as well as a detailed velcro strap for easy on and off. We requested the 24-30 month size to make sure there was a little growing space. The size chart says they are comparable to a 7.5-8 and I think this would be accurate. Possibly more to the 7.5 sizing based on how much toe space he has. They have a convenient size finder chart to guarantee you get the correct fit.

Little Brother will wear these shoes all day with no complaints. The rubber soles are great for no slipping and they are easy to put on and off of chubby little feet. All of Jack & Lily's shoes are recommended by Podiatrists.

The My Shoes and Originals cost $30 while the My Boots are $36. I think the pricing is fair for the quality of the shoe and the selection. Jack & Lily can be purchased at their online store or you can find a retail store near you with their store locator. If purchasing online, Jack & Lily offers free shipping on orders over $50.

You can follow Jack & Lily on Facebook for updates, contests, specials and more as well as on Twitter!

Head on over and check out the selection from Jack & Lily! They would make a great gift for your little one or the perfect pair of holiday shoes to go with that special outfit!
Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I did not receive any compensation for this review. The opinions in my reviews are my own, and others’ opinions may vary. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.

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