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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Twig Kids Footwear Review & Giveaway

Both of my boys feet have grown like crazy this Summer! All of a sudden Big Brother had his sandals and nothing else for shoes that fit! How does that happen so quickly! One day they all fit, the next none!

It was perfect timing that I recently had the opportunity to work with Twig Footwear. I'd spotted Twig online before but never had encountered them in a local store for a better look. After working on my review with Twig, I've not only grown to love their shoes, but their company and what they stand for as well. Read on to see what makes Twig unique and a company I'm proud to support.
About Twig
Twig Footwear was Started by Ken and his wife Margo after Ken's previous job was eliminated. After a high profile job interview and the realization that most work environments would not reflect his morals and values, Ken decided he would have to start his own company to have the environment he was searching for.

With Ken's 18 years of shoe industry knowledge, he wrote up a business plan. In order to finance this new plan and endeavor, the family unanimously decided to sell their home, move and make a major lifestyle change to follow their dream.

Twig is a family run business and stands for, Quality. Style and Comfort. They believe in taking care of their customers. If you call them, you will speak directly to the owners. And if you email them, you will receive a personalized email from a Twig family member. Something that is rare these days.

Twig Footwear Review
I was excited to have the opportunity to review Twig shoes for Big Brother. Little did I know in the process I would not only be finding out about the shoes themselves, but building a friendship with the family at Twig.

In the many online conversations with Ken, the owner. I've learned more and more insight about the company and what they believe in. This is a company that not only talks the talk but walks the walk as well. They are involved 100% in what goes on with EACH pair of shoes. 

Twig firmly believes in supporting local Mom and Pop stores. Nearly all of their distribution is done with these types of retailers. In fact while any Twig employee is traveling they MUST dine only at local restaurants as well.

All Twig shoes are made in Mexico and only out of leather or canvas. These materials let your child's foot breathe. (Did you know the average child's foot perspires a pint of moisture per day?!? - yuck!)

When Big Brother placed his foot in the shoe, the first thing out of his mouth was..."These are soft!" I can honestly say I don't think he has ever said or noticed anything about other shoes before. His shoes were so soft inside because all Twig shoes have padded footbeds and soft leather linings. No arch support, to let growing feet grow...naturally!
We reviewed the 'Walter' style boys shoe in blue. And let me tell you they are N.I.C.E! These shoes are built to last my rough and tumble boys. In fact I'm nearly certain these will survive Big Brother and be excellent hand me downs for Little Brother later. 
The have a durable rubber sole with super traction and a rubber toe cap, part of which will keep these shoes looking great for a long time. They are leather lined and have two durable velcro closures. These closure are not your usual tiny piece of velcro either, but a nice generous piece for easy sizing. I love the small blue striping for just enough color and these shoes are nice enough to be dress shoes, yet casual enough to be dressed down with jeans.
Big Brother truly loves these shoes and it makes me happy knowing they are so comfortable on his feet! The "Walter" is priced at $61.95. And remember you are not paying and supporting a big corporation for a cheap pair of poorly made shoes, but a family just like mine or yours that is selling a very nice quality shoe that is made to last. You can now purchase shoes straight from Twig's website! $5 flat rate shipping and easy, peasy returns.
I love all of the Twig shoes. But here a few of my other favorites too. All Twig designs are age appropriate, they feel kids already grow up too fast, why rush it!
Ken and the Twig family are also very smart and creative. In my review box I also received a pair of Spox. A 3 pack of socks. A pair with a spare. A new product from Twig. You know the brand new pair of socks you get, and first trip through the wash your missing one. Well not anymore! You have a "spare" just waiting for this opportunity! How incredibly smart! No more wasted socks and money!
Make sure to keep up to date with new shoes, locations and more with Twig on Facebook and Twitter! Show them some love, tell them about your small business or restaurant. They might just be in your neighborhood and visit you next!  And as stated above, you will get a personal response from them!

WIN IT: I'm super excited to tell you that Twig Footwear is giving you a chance to try their shoes for FREE! A $60 gift certificate to Twig's online store is up for grabs in the upcoming Green Family Giveaway! The giveaway starts September 15th - 30th right here on my blog! So make sure to come back and enter! Kids shoes are one thing you will never have too many of! Especially if they are quality made like Twig! ENTER HERE!
Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I did not receive any compensation for this review. The opinions in my reviews are my own, and others’ opinions may vary. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.


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