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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fluffy Mail Giveaway Hop #fluffymail- Super Undies Giveaway

Welcome to the Fluffy Mail Giveaway Hop, hosted by the Blogging Mamas Network!
If you're a cloth diapering Mom or Dad {or plan to be}, you know that one of the most exciting things about cloth diapers is... Fluffy Mail!  There's just something special about opening up a package of adorable fluff!  I've teamed up with over 30 other bloggers to bring you LOTS of chances to get the best kind of Fluffy Mail - FREE from a giveaway win!  So be sure to hop around to all the other giveaways at the bottom of this post before the event ends on May 15th!


My giveaway gives you the chance to start your 
training pants stash early or get a kick start on potty training with the chance to win a pair of side snap Super Undies!

Super Undies are the next step after cloth diapers on the road to potty training. They can still be used like a cloth diaper but have all the elements for potty training as well. You can read my full review of Super Undies here and what makes these a great tool for your step to diaper freedom!

You can also win this fabulous fitted diaper package from Kissaluvs! Great for everyday use but especially for heavy wetters and overnights!
You can read my review on Kissaluvs training pants and more about their company here.

1. Hybrid/Contour Unbleached fitted size M/L
2. Organic Cotton/Hemp unbleached fitted size M/L
3. Fleece Unbleached Fitted
4. Two Cloth Wipes
5. Two covers, one baby blue & one pink

Now enter below and Good Luck!

According to Jenny, So Easy Being Green, the Blogging Mamas Network, and the Fluffy Mail participating bloggers are not responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill prize obligations.

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Fluffy Mail Giveaway Hop Sponsor Spotlight: Super Undies

*I was not paid for this post but provided with a pair of Super Undies for the purpose of review and my honest opinion. The following is my thoughts and review....
Little Brother just turned two in February, and just two nights ago upgraded from his crib to a big boy bed. He is growing so fast and is entering the little boy stage, no more baby. With that the final "babyness" that is still left is....diapers!

It is time to move forward and little by little start working towards potting training. We use cloth diapers already so the next step was an easy decision, cloth potty training pants! And boy was I lucky to have an opportunity to work with Super Undies!

Well who wouldn't want to start potty training with a fun name like Super Undies? They also come in bright fun colors that are sure to get your child's attention. The Aquanaut (blue), The Cupcake Queen (pink), The Fearsome From (green),  The Purple Pixie (purple), and Spaceman Pete (orange).
We had the opportunity to review the Spaceman Pete and I just adore the bright orange and Little Brother loves them too. Here you can see him clearly showing off his new big boy undies.
What's great about Super Undies is that they are completely waterproof through the wet zone where you need it most. They have extremely stretchy side panels for easy on and off yet have snaps too for the accidents you don't want all over their legs. Yuck! Super Undies are unique also in that the snaps are in the back. This makes them a little difficult to put on if you are snapping and not pulling on, but it lets your little one feel more like they are wearing undies and not a diaper.
Super Undies have a pocket similar to pocket cloth diapers, with a layer of micro fiber built in but also letting you add extra boosters depending on your training level. They have a mesh pocket so your child will feel the wetness if they have an accident. We are just starting out so I used them with an extra booster and didn't have any leaks.

Super Undies come in different sizes so you want to make sure to look at the sizing chart and measure your child if needed. We reviewed the large which is maybe a tad bit big but I didn't want them to be too tight. Little Brother is only 2 and the large says the typical age is 5+ years. I think we could have gone with a medium and had a closer fit, however the large hasn't leaked and are not too tight on his waist.
Super Undies is your one stop shop for all things potty training. From these snap on training pants, to pull up training pants and night time training pants too. Also booster inserts, mattress toppers and more.

Depending on your sizing selection, the Snap on Potty Training Pants cost $19.95 to $23.95. 

Super Undies is here to help with all your potty training needs. Visit their main home page for videos, potty training assistance and even a fun kid's game room. You can also find them on Facebook with lots of great tips and advice and questions and concerns from other parents in the midst of potty training as well.

WIN IT: Are you currently potty training? Or will be starting soon? Then stay tuned because you will have a chance to win a pair of Side Snap Super Undies in the color and sizing of your choice in the upcoming Fluffy Mail Giveaway Hop that will run from May 1-15!  ENTER HERE!

Ozeri Textured 10" Green Earth Pan featuring Greblon Review

*I was not paid for this post but provided with a Ozeri Pan for the purpose of review and my honest opinion. The following is my thoughts and review....

Over this past year of blogging I've had the opportunity to share with you many Ozeri products. All of the products I've shared I used in my home frequently if not on a daily basis. My Green Earth Wok and Brezza II Oscillating Fan are amongst my favorites and have held up to daily use beautifully.

Today I have another wonderful Ozeri product to share with you and it also has moved in and quickly become another favorite. The Ozeri Green Earth Textured Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan in the 10 inch size.

This pan is something new with the textured bottom. It is suppose to create air pockets to distribute heat underneath your food and enhance the cooking. It is also suppose to help prevent food from bonding for non-stick cooking and easy cleaning. I have to tell you I was a little bit worried about the texture. I had a set of pans once with a textured bottom and it was all I could do to clean the food out of them. However this texture was nothing like my old pans. It cooks beautifully and just rinsing the pan removed all the food. One quick swish with the sponge and it was as good as new.

You can see here in my photos that I cooked eggs to test out this pan. Normally without a good amount of cooking oil eggs will stick to my pans every time. I didn't use any oil for my test run and as you can see the eggs just folded over and didn't leave any stuck to the pans. Now that is amazing!

My favorite part about the Green Earth Pan collection is that they use an ultra safe ceramic coating that is 100% PTFE and PFOA free. Meaning no heavy metals or chemicals. In this pan the coating is Greblon ceramic from Germany. You can feel good cooking for your family with these pans, they get good food and no extra emissions from your pans.

The Green Earth Pans are super heavy duty as well. Made from durable heavy gauge die cast aluminum with a heat resistant silicone coated handle and a magnetized induction stove safe base for rapid heat transfer. No flimsy throw away pan here. As I mentioned before, the Green Earth Pans are replacing my old pan collection because they work so good each and every time.

About Ozeri
Ozeri has built quite the reputation for their products. They started out supplying their products the the destination club market including vacation residences, timeshares and condo hotel apartments around the globe. They have now emerged into the consumer market and focus more on the relationships they have built with these countless guests that have used their products around the world rather than placing tons of money into marketing and advertising. Therefor they are able to offer their products to us the consumer for much less.

The Ozeri Green Earth Textured 10" pan is currently $32.95 on

If you haven't tried any of the Ozeri products yet I highly suggest you do some research on what they have to offer. They have countless numbers of products and I guarantee you will be impressed.

Find out more about Ozeri and the products they offer on their Facebook page, as well as sales, specials, and more.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

benbat GoVinci Backpack Review

*We were not paid for this post but provided with a GoVinci Backpack for the purpose of review and our honest opinions. The following is our thoughts and review....
I recently had the opportunity to work with a company I had never heard of before, benbat. They have adorable smart products and I can't wait to show you this little GoVinci Backpack!

The GoVinci Backpack is an all-in-one backpack, drawing surface and mobile art showcase. The perfect solution for on the go toddlers and families or even for use at home. For ages 2 and up the backpack is small enough to comfortably fit toddlers, yet has a large hard surface for drawing or any other artistic activity. Once your done with your masterpiece, you simply unsnap the top corners and slide it in the clear window. Snap it up and your ready to show it to the world. Kids can have a new backpack design every day or even every hour if they wish!

The backpack has soft padded shoulder straps with safety reflectors and a soft EVA back for comfort. They come in five different colors, green, pink, blue, yellow and red and have adorable little ears on the top.

Big Brother loves this little backpack. It has become his artwork pack. The zippers are sturdy and it has a nice chunky zipper pull for little hands to open and close. Inside are two big pocket areas just the right size for papers and coloring books and a zippered pouch as well as a velcro pouch and elastic loops for pens/pencils, glue or water bottles. Whatever your child might use this pack for, there is a spot for everything. I also love that is opens up wide and it is very easy for a child to find just what they are looking for.

I think this will be a very cute and unique backpack for Big Brother to use at Preschool in the Fall. I'm thinking he would also love to have a picture of our family close by him at school and what a perfect way to keep it safe. The GoVinci Backpack retails for $34.99.

As I mentioned above benbat has other super cute and smart products such as the following...
The GoVinci in a trolley pack.

The YummiGo. Booster Seat and Storage Case. Smart.

Travel Friends for head and neck support on the go.

And other wonderful products as well! Super cute. Super colorful. Quality design and materials. We love our GoVinci Backpack and know you would too!

You can find out more about benbat and their fun products on Facebook! Be the first to find out and own these smart, useful products for families on the go!

Monday, April 22, 2013

New Nursing Pillow on the Block - Comfort & Harmony Mombo

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Comfort and Harmony for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

It always amazes me how in the two short years since I've had a newborn the number of new and great products that continue to flood the newborn/baby/toddler marketplace. One of those new items is the mombo nursing pillow from Comfort & Harmony.

I nursed both of my boys and used the same nursing pillow for the both of them. It served it's purpose but I can tell you that it was nothing like this. I have not had an opportunity to actually test this pillow, but it sounds like it is a winner.

The Mombo pillow has two different sides. One side is firm to offer mom the back support and baby support she needs while nursing, the other side is soft which creates a perfect cozy pillow for lounging or tummy time for baby. And what makes the Mombo completely unique is it's vibration feature. Use this feature to soothe baby while lounging or even nursing if they need!

The Mombo comes in three different styles, the Standard, Deluxe or Nude and have an assortment of adorable slip covers to match your baby style and so you can also have one or two as a spare. Prices vary depending on your style selection and can be purchased at both Toys R US and Babies R US.

This Taggie's version is one of my favorites, great for boys or girls and so cute! With so many choices to choose from I'm sure you will find or purchase your favorite nursing pillow from Mombo too!

Make sure you head on over to Comfort & Harmony on Facebook and Comfort & Harmony on Twitter for updates, all things baby and more! 

We all know nursing can be easy for some and not so easy for others. With the right accessories and a little help when we need it the goal is to make nursing easy for us all!

Visit Sponsor's Site

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Canvas Pop Review & Upcoming Giveaway

*I was not paid for this post but provided with a canvas for the purpose of review and my honest opinion. The following is my thoughts and review....

I love photos. I take a bazillion of my boys. The hard part? Getting them printed, finding a frame and finding a spot to display them. Did I mention putting them in the frame? I'm horrible about that. I have empty frames on the wall as we speak and more than enough pictures to fill a thousand frames.

Forget the frames. I am now a photo canvas addict thanks to Canvas Pop. No frame needed. Beautiful, amazing high quality printing, ready to hang with nails and hooks included and delivered right to my door! I'm in love!

Here is the message you see when you go to
So lets touch on the first bullet point. Best quality canvas printing anywhere!
I'm a believer! I seriously wanted to cry when I opened my canvas of the boys. It was that crystal clear, that perfect, better than I could have ever imagined on screen. The quality is outstanding, you can see Big Brother's freckles and every little detail.

Second Bullet Point. Unbeatable customer service.
I have had the best experience working with Canvas Pop. Quick responses to my emails. Fun outgoing attitudes and you can just tell they love their jobs. My package arrived right to my door so quickly with excellent packing care to make sure it was safe the entire journey.

Third and Fourth bullet points. Free digital proofs and Free PicturePerfect image tune-up.
FREE! Enough said. Who doesn't like free. Extra love for your photo and new canvas...FREE!

Fifth bullet point. 100% Love it guarantee for life!
Well I already told you I almost cried when I opened it. Ok maybe I did just a little. And I'm seriously in love with my canvas and look at it all day every day. Hanging right in my living room in all it's adorable glory to showcase to the world. I love mine even more than 100% if that's possible.

Check, check, double check. They are true to their every word and do have an amazing product.

So how easy is it to order a canvas? Canvas Pop makes the ordering process super easy in three simple steps.

1. Choose your image. It can be from your computer, Facebook or even Instagram. Works with almost any size image.

2. Customize it. Choose your size, framing options, photo filters and more!

3. Create. That's it. Your done. Canvas Pop will do the rest and have your amazing package on it's way and delivered in just a few days!

I also want to mention that when your canvas arrives it is ready to hang. Completely ready. A high quality piano wire hanger attached. Rubber buttons to bump the canvas off the wall and so it doesn't tilt. Also included are nails and hooks in both gold or silver colors depending on your preference. So you can literally unwrap, grab a hammer and hang. No more frames for me!

Canvas Pop makes this way too easy and they have more options than I could ever post here. The fact that you can use nearly any size image is huge and really sets them apart. They will make your canvas perfect, guaranteed! So what do you have to lose? Head on over and check them out. I'm sure you have a million photos just waiting to be showcased!
Canvas Pop loves you! Show them some love back by visiting their Facebook and Twitter pages! You'll find canvas inspiration, coupon codes and so much more!

WIN IT: Wait! That's not all! You do know Mother's Day is quickly approaching right? Mother's Day is Sunday May 12th! What mom would not love a beautiful photo canvas? Still plenty of time to get one ordered and surprise your mom! And because Canvas Pop is super amazing, I will be giving you all a chance to win a 16"x20" canvas just like mine (well with your own photo, not my boys :) in the upcoming Mama Love Giveaway Hop that will run from May 9-15th! So make sure to come back and enter! ENTER HERE!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Changing Gears- A Family Odyssey to the End of the World Book Review

What would you do if you were not afraid? That is the question a fellow mom, just like you and me, asked herself one day. Her answer? Take her family of four, herself, husband and twin 10 year old boys on a journey from one end of the world to the other....on bikes!
Photo Courtesy of Family On Bikes Blog
When I was contacted by Nancy Sathre-Vogel, the mom and author of the book Changing Gears I was immediately intrigued. This mom from Idaho with two sons of her own is not all that different from me, yet she and her family took the journey of a lifetime and are here to tell their story in her new book. I know the work and effort that goes into a week long camping trip, yet this family spent 3 years...yes 3 years biking from Alaska to Argentina!
As you might expect the journey was not without many difficult moments. The Vogel family nearly ran out of food in Alaska and were chased by a bear. They battled the elements in both in the US and Central America and illness and mechanical problems plagued them along the way. Just like any other mom Nancy often wondered if she was doing the right thing for her boys. Would the journey be worth it?
Photo Courtesy of Family On Bikes Blog
I honestly couldn't put this book down. I often felt as if I were right there with the family. What would they do next? Could they make it? I also learned quite a bit about the history and geography of certain areas they traveled through and have a better view of mankind and the amazing and wonderful people that are willing to help a stranger.
Photo Courtesy of Family On Bikes Blog

The Vogel family saw and did more in three years than many of us will do in a lifetime. Their boys grew into confident, independent and capable young men right before their eyes. They made it to the end of the world, together, as a family. Was it worth it? Could you do it?
Photo Courtesy of Family On Bikes Blog

This book is a must read and not only a fabulous true story of family, adventure and determination but about dreams. What dream would you follow if you were not afraid?

Find out more about Nancy and her family on their site Family on Bikes and you can purchase both paperback or ebook versions of Changing Gears here as well.
Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I did not receive any compensation for this review. The opinions in my reviews are my own, and others’ opinions may vary. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Coat Closet turned Computer Room

I'm so excited to share with you my new computer space! This is what has started the whole house redo/makeover as moving the computer from the living room has given us our living space and dining space back. And I can only thank Pinterest for the inspiring ideas!

My Father-In-Law was here today and put in the final missing piece of my makeover and making my new "room" share worthy! I'm sure from the title of this post you have already guessed, but I've turned my coat closet into my new computer room! I absolutely love it and it has made our entire house come together.
Before and all the junk that came from the closet!
The final missing piece was an electrical outlet. The last couple months I've been using an extension cord to the outlet behind me in the hall. It has worked but meant having cords and rugs and tripping hazards. Today the new outlet went in and it works beautifully! Special Thanks to my Father-In-Law. Big Brother's room did take the brunt of the damage, but totally worth it!

I took an old desk my Mom had made and I have used for years but was since just sitting in the garage, and cut the top to size for the closet. The legs of the desk just happened to fit perfectly so I didn't have to do anything with those. I put it together in the closet and it works perfectly.

I purchased a metal magazine rack and a metal shower caddy to hold my papers and desk accessories. I had an old tack board I covered with fabric and hung to put my important papers...or as you can see the boys artwork. My total cost for my makeover was $15 and some fresh homemade cookies for my Father-In-Law.

I love my new space. I can close the door when company comes and hide the mess or keep the boys out of it. Everything is contained and accessible and just perfect for our small house. The only thing I'd like to do now is get some cute bins for the top shelf or put up a small curtain to hide the storage.

Who needs a bigger house? Just get a little creative instead!