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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Little Buns Natural Diaper Store & Grovia AI2 Review

I've had the chance to work with yet another wonderful Mom and cloth diaper store owner, Jennifer of Little Buns! As well as getting an opportunity to try out a very popular brand of cloth diapers, GroVia!

I've had a great experience with both Little Buns and with the Grovia AI2 I was chosen to review.
About Little Buns
Little Buns is a natural diaper store in which Jennifer and her husband Joe offer only some of the best natural baby products on the market today. Jennifer has 5 children and has been a stay at home Mom for the past twenty-two years. So you could say she knows a lot about changing diapers. Her customer service is above and beyond. She wants to make sure that even though she is an online store, she gives personal service to each one of her customers. Answering your questions and promoting cloth diapers is her passion! She even offers a video for each cloth diaper in her store, explaining in detail how each one works. (See the GroVia AI2 video here!)

Try her products and if they are not exactly what you want within the first thirty days, you can send it back! She wants to make sure you are so satisfied with every purchase that it is something you would share with your friends! How about that for customer service!

She was so generous and so excited to share her love of GroVia with me. I was able to review the GroVia AI2 Hybrid system in hook and loop and in the fantastic vibrant Mandarin Orange color.

About GroVia AI2
The AI2 diaper is a one size hybrid system. It will fit most babies from 8-35 pounds. The shell has three sets of rise snaps that you adjust to fit your baby.

Hybrid means you can either use a snap in soaker pad or a BioSoaker. The outer shell is waterproof and meant to be used for multiple diaper changes. If the soaker is wet, you simply snap out the wet one and snap in a new fresh soaker. If the shell is wet you can give it a quick rinse or just let it air dry for the next diaper change.

What is a soaker pad? The GroVia soaker pads are 5 layers of Organic Cotton. They have leg gussets to help contain messes and are waterproof backed so the shell stays dry. The soaker has 2 snaps on the back and snaps right into the waterproof shell.

What is a BioSoaker? The BioSoaker is the perfect solution for cloth diapering on the go. They are a disposable insert with sticky tabs that lay in your waterproof shell. They are fragrance and dye free and have no plastic or chlorine.

My Review
This diaper has been amazing. There is so much you can do with this diaper that this post could be a mile long. I've been thoroughly putting this diaper to the test.
    1.You can use the shell by itself as a cover to other inserts or prefolds or even as a swim diaper!
    (designate 1 diaper as your swim diaper though, as chlorine can damage the elastic and PUL.)
    2. You can use the shell and soaker as your cloth diaper.
    3. You can use the shell with the disposable BioSoaker.

I love the bright mandarin orange color. I also am very happy with the hook and loop. It is a very unique hook and sticks tight. I love I can get the right fit very easy and on the first try. There was no gaping around the legs or back. A very good fit.

I absolutely love the organic cotton soaker pads and the fact that they snap into the shell. The soaker was very absorbent and didn't shift or bunch at all. It is also pretty trim and the cotton is really soft. The leg gussets are awesome and I have never had a leak or blowout.

I also put the disposable BioSoakers to the test. I wasn't sure how well these would work but I was happily surprised. They have 2 sticky tabs on the back. You then fit them in the shell. This made for a very trim cute diaper and I can see how these would be perfect for traveling, daycare or the dreadful diaper rash. Also great if you didn't get your diapers washed in time and need a backup or two. They definitely don't hold as much as a disposable and my son did leak with these at nap time. I also didn't love that once soiled there wasn't really anything to roll up and contain the diaper mess. But those were minor for the double duty usage of this diaper.

The prep time for the soakers takes a little time, but if you do it right it will gain absorbency with every wash. You can also throw the soakers in the dryer. They do take quite awhile to dry. I have found if you throw a couple dry towels in the dryer with them they dry much faster. And on the rare sunny day here in Oregon right now they dry pretty quick and the stains bleach out well. The shell is to be line dried and dries very quickly. Within a couple hours or less.

This has become quite the favorite in my stash and I can't wait for some sunny warm days here so my
son can show off this cute orange fluff!

Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I did not receive any compensation for this review. The opinions in my reviews are my own, and others’ opinions may vary. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.

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