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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Merry Fluffy Christmas Sponsor Spotlight: {For the Monster: Kissaluvs Marvels}

The big Merry Fluffy Christmas Giveaway Hop is coming up fast and I've got wonderful sponsors to share with you! Cloth diapering has been one of the best decisions I've made. There is truly a diaper that will fit each individual needs and budget. Whether you are new to cloth diapering or an old pro read on to find out more!

I came across For the Monster online store while researching cloth diapers. First and for most the name stuck and was so cute! I was excited they agreed to be a sponsor in the upcoming giveaway!
About For the Monster
This store truly fits their slogan, "We've got your monster covered." This is a one stop shop for everything cloth diaper related, baby wearing, breast feeding and more! Owner and Work At Home Mom Gena started her online store in 2004 in order to share her love of natural parenting. She uses and supports the products she carries. She is very passionate about natural parenting and will happily answer any questions you may have.

For the Monster and Kissaluvs Marvels Review
As I mentioned above the For the Monster site literally has just about everything you need to get started cloth diapering or for any natural parenting need.

• Aden + Anais
• ShooShoos
• Ergo
• Boba
• Pacifiers
• Hooter Hiders
• Healing Amber
• LunaPads
• and so much more!

That is just to name a few items that popped out at me. That doesn't include the many different cloth diaper brands and other items as well. If your looking for a good site to get started or do some research for the best on the block, look no further than For the Monster!

I had the chance to also review the Kissaluvs Marvels One Size Fitted diaper in the Two-Hoots design from For the Monster. This was my first time using a fitted and this diaper is simple yet effective.
The Marvels diaper is one size and will fit most babies from 10-40 pounds. Little Brother is about 25 pounds and this diaper fits fine, although he is right between sizes on the snaps. One snap was too tight and one too loose. I usually love hook and loop for this reason. The Marvels is also a bigger bulkier diaper. But this might be the case with all fitteds, I'm not sure as this is my first time using one.

The outside of the diaper is 100% cotton and comes in three designer prints. I chose the Two-Hoots owl design and it is so cute and really gender neutral. The inside is a super super soft bamboo velour. The SOFTEST inside of a diaper I have ever felt. It feels luxurious! There are no inserts or anything to mess with in a fitted as they are built inside the fabric. This particular diaper has three body layers and a micro fiber soaker. This is suppose to hold in leaks from even the heaviest of wetters.
Now with a fitted diaper you can use it alone, especially around the house or quick trips. But for full leak proof protection you will need a cover as well. I use this diaper mostly for night time because Little Brother is a heavy wetter, so I always use a cover. I use one of my Grovia covers and it just barely fits. Some fabric still peaks out of the cover. Although it hasn't leaked on me yet and absorbs a ton.
This diaper only has one row of snaps so there isn't any snapping up and down size configurations. Instead you simply fold the fabric to your desired rise and then snap it on. This diaper definitely has plenty of rise for even the largest of babies.
One of the things I don't like about this diaper is the dry time. If you only line dry then this diaper may not be for you. I usually tumble dry my inserts and diapers that can be dried half way, then line dry the remainder. Even partially drying in the dryer this can take over a day to dry. But I guess that my be the price to pay for such an absorbent diaper, which I really need for night time.

The other thing about this diaper is the price. Normal retail price is $24.95. Which wouldn't be too bad, except you really need a cover to make this a go everywhere diaper. So there will be some additional cost as well. If you can find it on sale then this diaper would be awesome! (As of writing this post you can get these for $17.47 on For the Monster!)

Make sure to keep up to date with For the Monster on Facebook and Twitter! Great resources for all your natural parenting needs and questions!

WIN IT: You will have the opportunity to grow your stash and pick and choose the cloth diaper or accessory that works best for you! For the Monster is offering $40 gift certificate to their store in the upcoming Merry Fluffy Christmas Giveaway Hop that will start December 1-7! So make sure to come back and enter!Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I did not receive any compensation for this review. The opinions in my reviews are my own, and others’ opinions may vary. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.

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