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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Freds Swim Academy Swimtrainer "Classic" Review

Summer finally came to Oregon today! We have been dealing with lots of rain and non swimming weather. Thus making it hard to do my review on this very cool Swimtrainer from Freds Swim Academy!

So today once the thermometer passed 80..woo hoo, and special thanks to our super cool next door neighbor for allowing us to "borrow" her pool for a little while, we were able to test out the Swimtrainer!

About the Swimtrainer
The Swimtrainer is a three stage learning system which gives your child a feeling of security while becoming familiar in water. It is designed to provide and ideal swimming position in the water and helps your child learn how to move his legs and arms correctly.

The different stages in sizes and colors are introduced according to the child's age and learning ability.

The Swimtrainer "Classic" offers children:

• Ideal swimming position in the water
• Fast and easy to put on with clip fastener
• Inflatable pads to prevent slipping through
• Adjustable safety belt to prevent tipping forwards

Approximately 13-40 lbs
Helps a little one get comfortable in the water
Helps teach correct leg movements

SWIMTRAINER "Classic" Orange
Approximately 33-65 lbs
Helps teach correct arm and leg movements

SWIMTRAINER "Classic" Yellow
Approximately 45-80 lbs
Helps transition a child to swimming without any floatation device

Swimtrainer Review
I chose the Swimtrainer "Classic" in red to review as both of my boys fall under the 40 pound category and are both new to swimming. The red Swimtrainer says approximately 13-40 pounds. Little Brother is about 24 pounds and Big Brother 34 pounds. I found it very tight and difficult to snap the waist belt on both of them. Understandably it should be very snug to keep them in the Swimtrainer safely.  I'm just not sure with the fit I was getting how it could go up to 40 pounds. Yet neither boy complained of it being tight once it was on and if you were to start your baby early in the Swimtrainer you would probably move to the Orange Swimtrainer before you hit the 40 pound mark.

I was happy to see a few key features of the Swimtrainer. For one it is made of PVC and is phthalate free. Also that the waist clips and neck strap clips are covered by a safety clip. No accidental pushing of the claps. Very smart!
After the initial sizing and fastening Little Brother loved the water and the Swimtrainer. At 16 months old he was splashing and kicking around and having a great time.
Big Brother on the other hand is my very cautious child. He doesn't like anything he isn't comfortable with and sure of. So although he didn't mind the Swimtrainer on at all, he wasn't a fan of being plopped into the water. I was able to get a few shots of him in the water, but no actual swimming around pictures. I know once he got used to it he would love it and have the best time. Perhaps staying up late for fireworks and no nap played a part in his meltdown.
Overall I think this is a fantastic product. The fun of a floatie yet a safer secure way and learning swimming position. And at only $24.90 this is an affordable fun summer solution. Hopefully the sun will stick around and we can get more use out of it!

You can purchase your Swimtrainer from a great online Mother/Baby store that carries just about anything from cloth diapers, to baby gear, to maternity and toys. ThanksMama also offers free shipping on orders over $60 and ships worldwide!

You can find ThanksMama on Facebook as well as Freds Swim Academy!

Happy Swimming! Happy Summer!
Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I did not receive any compensation for this review. The opinions in my reviews are my own, and others’ opinions may vary. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.

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