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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Rally 4 Jillie - Week 6 Giveaway

Hello! Welcome! Thank You for your support!
Together lets Rally 4 Jillie!
This is week 6 of 9 weeks of giveaways! 
All sponsored by amazing companies with 
huge hearts and all for little Jillie. 
**With special thanks to Copy Kids, for without them this all would not be possible.**

This giveaway will run from November 26-December 2!
This week's giveaway is sponsored by the following companies...

Copy Kids: A joy-filled video and an innovative tool for parents who want to get children to enjoy eating fruits and vegetables. (Review Here)

Nite Nite Moon: A fun online store where dreams come true! They offer high quality, imaginative, educational children’s toys for infants through teens. You’ll find plush baby toys, puzzles and games, puppets, dolls, trucks, creative arts & crafts supplies to stimulate the imagination, and plenty of classic toys that are simply fun— all at great prices!
Mini Me Paper Doll Boutique: Hand drawn customized paper dolls for the child in you or in your life! Artist and mom Hannah, draws each doll and outfit by hand and creates a customized version of your child based on your selection. You can purchase additional outfits to follow the seasons or even dress up outfits for your doll. A gift that will last for hours and hours and years and years!
Hopscotch Kids: A kid-centric cosmetic line that is safe and natural too. Premier non-toxic kid friendly alternative to solvent-based nail polish. Free of smelly chemicals and super fun! (Review Here)
Adventures with Wink & Blink: Multi award winning educational video series for preschoolers! A Day in the Life of a Garbage Truck and A Day in the Life of a Zoo. A fun, exciting way of learning for your children.

Prize Package includes for one winner: 
1. Copy Kids Eat Fruits & Vegetables DVD
2. Fold & Go Dollhouse from Nite Nite Moon
3. Paper Doll Package from Mini Me Paper Doll Boutique
4. Holiday Nail Polish 2-pack from Hopscotch Kids
5. Adventures with Wink & Blink (2 movie downloads)
Not only will one of you win this fun prize package, but the same prize will be sent to Jillie in the hospital as well! AMAZING!

In case you missed what Rally 4 Jillie is all about, read on then enter the giveaway below. I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to work with these amazing companies who have stepped up to help. 

If you would like to sponsor and be part of these giveaways please feel free to contact me.

It is hard to even know where to begin this post and even harder for me to write it. As most of us are parents to young children you all know how hard it can be to see our children sick or hurt. I can't even begin to imagine the feeling of finding out your child has the dreaded "C" word. Cancer.
No child should have to face cancer. They shouldn't even have to know what cancer means. They should be riding bikes, playing, going to school and just being kids!

Why am I writing this about cancer? Thankfully both of my boys are healthy. However a close family friend of mine hasn't been so lucky. Her little girl Jillie, just 2.5 years old was just diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. A fast moving, aggressive form of leukemia that if not treated, could be fatal in a few months.

Luckily after weeks of being sick, Jillie was diagnosed and quickly moved to an amazing children's hospital. She will now be living in the Ronald McDonald housing for the next 6 to 12 months as she undergoes many many treatments and blood transfusions.
Remember she is just 2.5 years old. How do you even begin to explain to her what is going on and why she is now living far away from home and facing months and months of treatments?

So far Jillie is being a rockstar and keeping a smile on her face! She actually feels good with new healthy blood running through her! She is a fighter and one tough little girl. If anyone can fight this it is Jillie and her family.

In my small way of feeling less helpless and helping out in any way I can, I've started Rally for Jillie on my blog! I'm seeking sponsors willing to donate two items. One to add to the giveaways and one to send to Jillie. My hope is that this will keep her spirits up, help keep her occupied, to just keep her being a kid through this ordeal.

If I could hug the sponsors that have stepped up to help, I would in a heartbeat!  Their kindness and generosity to help a sick little girl says more about these companies than any review I could ever post. So if you are reading this, please take a moment to show some love to these amazing companies. To thank them for their small act of kindness that can go a long way in the journey to heal and cure baby Jillie.
And please if the kindness of these sponsors have touched your hearts like it has mine, take an extra minute to say thank you on their Facebook pages or in a quick email.
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  1. Thank you to all the wonderful sponsors who have helped in these giveaways.. What a great thing to do for this little girl!!

    We wish Jillie all the luck in the world.. It truly breaks my heart to read what is going on with her and can't even imagine what it must be like. You are doing a great thing for her!

  2. Thank you for sponsoring these giveaways! Thanks for helping Jillie!

  3. What a wonderful giveaway. Jillie will certainly have some great play time when her package arrives. Thx.

  4. Jesi, you're doing a great thing for this little girl! Please give Jillie a hug for me and tell her I wish her a speedy recovery!

  5. Thank you to the wonderful sponsors and hugs and kisses for Jillie. Praying for a swift recovery.

    april yedinak

  6. Best wishes to Jillie........we are praying for her. debbie jackson
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  7. Hello, I am a New Fan! I happened to see your Rally 4 Jillie in my Ticker & Here I am.

    I went to each sponsors individual Facebook page & thanked them! This is AMAZING

    I would Like to enter the giveaway & IF I were to WIN, I wanted to know if it was at all possible to Donate MY winning to another Little Girl where Jillie is?! :)

    ~Jaime! ccff41 at aol dot com

  8. Jillie, you rock! What a sweet pea you are!

  9. Thanks for the support for Jillie!

  10. Indeed, Jillie is a rockstar! Sending virtual hugs her way!

  11. JJ Caraway said....

    Thank you Copy Kids, Nite Nite Moon, Mini Me Paper Doll Boutique, Hopscotch Kids, Adventures with Wink & Blink and everyone else who has help to support Together lets Rally 4 Jille.

  12. Thank you to all of the sponsors, Ronald McDonald House is a great charity, and stay strong Jillie!!!
    I dearly hope for your speedy recovery!

  13. Prayers for Jillie!

    Thank you to all of the sponsors!

  14. Stay strong Jille! What a great way to show support for a special child ,

  15. Thank you so much - Jillie sounds like an amazing girl!

  16. Thank you for all the sponsors of the giveaway!! I will be praying for Jillie!!

  17. Thanks Sponsors, but most importantly Jillie, my prayers are with you. I have a 2 year old and I can't imagine what her parents are going through. Sending strength and good thoughts to this family.

  18. thank you to all the dear sponsors, for giving us a chance and for giving Jillie an extra set of happiness.
    I pray for Jillie as she struggles with her treatments.

  19. Thanks to everyone involved in this giveaway, sponsors and host alike.

    The Happy Wife/Danielle Garcia
    Ldsmom2201 (at) yahoo (dot) com
    Twitter: The_Happy_Wife

  20. This is an amazing act for this little girl! Thanks to everyone involved

  21. This is an amazing act for this little girl! Thanks to everyone involved

  22. Love how so many are donating so many awesome things to raise awareness for this precious little girl!!

  23. Thank you to all you sponsors....If i win i would like to donate all the prizes to where Jillian and her friends are staying, Ronald McDonald House. Jillian you are a very brave girl.

    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  24. Thank you all for such a great giveaway and the chance to win some awesome prizes!

  25. What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win.


  27. Thank you for the giveaway. Sending out positive vibes!

    Diane Sabatini

  28. Thank you awesome Sponsors for supporting this giveaway!! <3

  29. Thank you for sponsoring this sweet little girl! Wish I had all the money in the world to donate to her.

  30. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway!!!!

  31. What fun prizes!! Thank you to EACH of you for taking the time to post, share and make this giveaway possible! I would SO love to win this - to split between my daughter and my three nieces. This would be the perfect Christmas prize package! Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

    jamieandandre at bellsouth dot net