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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sissy Little Vinyl Wall Art Review

Little Brother has a new room update thanks to Sissy Little! I know it doesn't sound like anything you would be wanting to use on a little boys room, but trust me, this is for any room in your house!

So what exactly is Sissy Little? An online store with all sorts of fabulous removable vinyl wall art, decals and stickers! With over 30 different categories to choose from, I guarantee you will find something to spruce up any wall in your house!

About Sissy Little
The Sissy Little Team is committed to bringing you the highest quality products, design ideas, and customer service! They want to help you transform your space no matter your design skill level!

"Sissy Little is dedicated to offering vinyl products that inspire our customers’ imagination and innovation when designing their spaces and lives."

Sissy Little Review
When I found out I had the opportunity to work with Sissy Little and review one of their decals, I immediately went to the transportation category. Why? Well for one I have two little boys, and two I never get anything for myself. When given the option between stuff for myself or for my boys, my boys always win hands downs. That's just what makes me happy I guess.

So anyway the transportation category is loaded with fire trucks, trains, boats and airplanes! Little Brother loves cars and I spot the most perfect decal, the Traffic Monogram Set. And oh my gosh does Little Brother's room have a wall that is perfect for this! And I love that although this is fun and cute and goes with cars, it is not too babyish. It can grow with his room as he grows. Perfect!

When I receive the decal I can't wait to get it up! Installation is really easy. It probably took me two hours. And that is because I was doing this by myself and wanted it to be perfect, as well as needing a ladder to get the traffic signal up. And making sure everything was straight and level took me a few tries. I have to say this decal had the most pieces of any I've done before.

First you want to make sure your wall is clean. Make sure no dust or grease is lingering which might effect the vinyl to not adhere properly.  Then cut apart any of your decal pieces, as all colors that are the same are printed on one big sheet. Making them smaller will make your job much easier.

Then you want to position and tape your decal to the wall. You should still have your base paper and transfer tape together. Slowly peel away the base paper, and sometimes you will need to help the decal along to the transfer tape. Especially art or letter with really thin lines. Once the base paper is off your decal should only be on the transfer tape and still taped to your wall.

Slowly lower your vinyl decal down and use the special squeegee too that is provided to adhere the design to the wall. Keep squeegeeing the design until all the air bubbles have been removed.

Then slowly peel off the transfer tape from your design in a downward motion. Sometimes you will need to squeegee certain parts a bit more to make it adhere to the wall and not pull up on the tape.

Now if you only had one design element you would be done! Yay! However the Traffic Monogram set has 15 different pieces! Don't worry it's not as scary as it sounds and it is so worth it!

Just check out the finished product! Isn't it so cute! Little Brother is still in his crib, so I made sure I measured and calculated for his big boy bed and that the decals would all be showing and looking good as he grows! It's going to be perfect! (the room is small so it's hard to get a good picture)

Little Brother's other side of the room

The only thing I wish this decal set had was longer sign posts. I wouldn't have had to be so precise with the post and worry if the bed or toy box would cover up the fact they didn't go all the way to the baseboard.

If you have yet to try out vinyl wall art or it intimidates you in any way, you must try it. The worst that can happen is you don't like it and guess what? You can peel it right off! Yes! Vinyl wall art is only as permanent as you wish it to be! So if Little Brother all of a sudden becomes afraid of cars and road signs, no worries, no painting. Just peel them off and choose a new theme or nothing at all!

For smaller decals you can even put them on picture frames, wooden boards, chalkboards,'s endless! Make great holiday signs or gifts!

The Traffic Monogram Set was an affordable $69.99. However if you want to become a Sissy! (love that) You can like their Facebook Page and get 30% off your next order! Plus they also offer Free Shipping in the US!

Here are a few of my favorites! These would make really fun gift ideas as well!
I loved everything about Sissy Little! Their service, their quality, and selection! Jump on the vinyl decal band wagon and show your unique personality! Be bold, be daring, be you!
Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I did not receive any compensation for this review. The opinions in my reviews are my own, and others’ opinions may vary. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.


  1. That is adorable. We have some wall art in our living room and it looks great. I'd like something like this for my grandsons room

  2. I have tried this type of wall art before and I have a problem getting it straight and not bubbly. This looks nicer and super easy to put up. Thanks for the tips.

    toni marie caravello feimer

  3. Love Little Brother's room so cute and adorable. I was actually looking for another wall decal designs for my son's room. custom vinyl stickers