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Friday, October 12, 2012

Zing Toys Review

I recently stumbled across another local to me Oregon company! Yippee! And this one is a perfect match for my family and my blog!

Let me introduce to you Zing Toys! Fun, affordable, outside toys to get your children out in nature and having a blast!

About Zing Toys
Zing toys was established in 2006 and initially ran from a barn in Banks, Oregon. As Zing grew in popularity in the active-play market and the barn started to overflow, the company moved to downtown Portland, Oregon in 2011.

Zing Toys mission is to promote a healthy, active lifestyle for kids. To get them off the couch and smart phones and get outside! Zing toys have safety in mind and bring fun to your home in many fun flying, action seeking products!

Zing Toys Review
I was sent four Zing Toys for review. The ZeeBeez, which was Zing Toys first major hit! The Air Storm Zip-Bak Bow, the Air Storm Zing Shot Launcher and the Air Storm Pop Rocketz!
Having two boys, (three if you include my husband who is just a big kid as well), here at home, Zing Toys were an absolute hit! Quality built, yet light, safe and simple to use. All of them were equally safe to use indoors and out. These are going to be my go to gifts for kids! They are affordable but pack a lot of long lasting, sturdy fun!

ZeeBeez is Zing Toys first major hit! A simple yet fun little toy. You turn the Zeebeez inside out and drop it flat on the ground. It then pops straight back up in the air and up to 6 feet! They come in 4 different colors and 6 different designs.
Ours was yellow and we had the dragon design. This is a really fun simple little toy, marked for ages 6 and up, however my boys liked it a lot. It was a little tough for them to turn inside out on their own though. Great for indoors or out. Priced at just $2.99 a great little gift or stocking stuffer!
Air Storm Zip-Bak Bow
This was probably our favorite out of all the toys. Daddy is a bow hunter, so Big Brother loved to have a bow of his own. And this is the perfect size. Small and compact yet can shoot far! With a little muscle you can shoot over 95 feet! It came with one suction cup arrow and one foam tipped arrow. Again a simple yet sturdy design. This bow is marked for ages 8 and up. And again I believe more for needing a little extra muscle to shoot it than anything else. Big Brother at 4 can shoot this pretty good, but only a short distance. Priced at just $14.99 this is a great gift idea!

Air Storm Zing Shot Launcher
Think foam ball safe sling shot! It can launch foam balls over 45 feet! This came with 3 balls and was safe enough to use inside too. Again marked for ages 8 and up, however Big Brother with some practice was shooting the balls a short distance by himself. Priced at $9.99.

Air Storm Pop Rocketz
This was another favorite as it was a lot of fun and easy for the whole family to use. Little Brother at 19 months had a blast with this as well. This one however is made nearly of all foam and you had to be a little more gentle with it. Little Brother was able to pull a couple wings off the arrows! So best for ages 5 and up if they are a toy destroyer! :o) Pocket sized, this take anywhere rocket launcher can blast the foam rockets over 50 feet! This one again is just $4.99 and would be another great stocking stuffer!

Overall the Zing Toys were a great hit! Lots of high energy fun and games! I would recommend these products to all families with kids!

This is just a small sampling of the toys offered by Zing. So make sure to check out their web site for all available toys and on Facebook for updates, contest and all Zing info! Any of Zing Toys would make perfect gifts for whatever the occasion may be!
Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I did not receive any compensation for this review. The opinions in my reviews are my own, and others’ opinions may vary. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.


  1. Oh these look like so much fun! I can totally see all my kids loving these!

  2. What good old fashioned fun without kindles xboxes and the like. I love all those too, but it's nice to get outside and play with real toys and not just virtual games. Great review thanks.

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