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Monday, November 26, 2012

Mini Me Paper Dolls - by Lily & Thistle Review {Rally 4 Jillie Sponsor}

Of all my reviews, I think this one is my most unique and special. Something you can't just waltz in a store a purchase. These are one of a kind, custom and personal. They are also a sponsor in this weeks Rally 4 Jillie Giveaway!

Let me introduce you to Mini Me Paper Doll Boutique. Customized paper dolls for the child in you, or in your life.

I came across Mini Me Paper Doll Boutique in my search for items that would be a good fit for Jillie in the hospital. When I asked, they immediately said they would like to help!

About Mini Me Paper Doll Boutique
Mini Me Paper Doll's are the creation of Hannah Stevenson. She is a Mother to four adorable kids and also an artist. She starting creating paper dolls during her kids nap time and things grew from there. To Hannah paper dolls are magical and bring back the nostalgia and innocence of girlhood. She loves that she can bring to life this memory of paper dolls that many of us share.

Mini Me Paper Doll Review
This was such a fun review as I played with paper dolls as a child. It did bring back memories and has been so long since I've even seen a paper doll! That is what is so great about them, they are timeless!

Now having two boys I wouldn't necessarily think to get them paper dolls, but Mini Me does have a line for boys too. Each doll you order is customized to look like your child. You choose from a list of options and Hannah designs your doll and outfits.

This is our boy set we were so lucky to review. And below a sampling of the extra outfits we reviewed from the Boy Fairy/Folk Tale Line and the Boy Fall Outfit Line.
The details on the dolls and outfits are amazing. You can see the time and care that goes into each piece. Jeans actually look like jeans with fading and the clothing actually has shading and texture and patterns. Teeny tiny patterns that totally make each piece come to life!
Big Brother wasn't sure at first what to do with them. Once I showed him what to do and what they were for he thought they were pretty fun. We were just using the tabs to hold on the outfits and Big Brother was a little rough. I would definitely recommend at his age to get them laminated and use the "sticky strip" Mini Me recommends as well. The sticky strip is a double sided reusable adhesive that is used so the clothes stay on yet you can change the clothing easily. This won't damage your dolls in any way and can be purchased at any office supply store.
This is the special set created just for Jillie! I know this will be a fun activity for Jillie and her mom to do while they are confined to their hospital room. Fun, safe and quiet activity. Easily stored and transported.

There are many different Mini Me packages you can purchase for the special little one in your life. And with all packages you can choose the option for Mini Me to print and ship or for you to purchase and print yourself. There are then all the additional outfits you can buy to go with your doll package. They are all so amazing I don't know how you can choose. There is even an outfit of the month club! So fun! You get a new outfit each month for a year sent right to your email! Tell me this would not be the best gift idea!
The Standard Paper Doll Package is $24 and the Print It Yourself Doll Package is $14.50. Extra outfits vary in price depending on the package chosen. And right now the Outfit of the Month Club is just $5!

If you follow Mini Me Paper Doll Boutique on Facebook, Pinterest and on Hannah's Lily & Thistle Blog you will also find regular giveaways, fun tutorials and free printables!

With Christmas right around the corner this would be the most amazing and unique gift idea! Even a fun stocking stuffer! The dolls could be peeking out! Fun, affordable and offering hour and hours of play time!

Special Thanks to Hannah and Mini Me Paper Doll Boutique for their amazing generosity and kind hearts and supporting Jillie during this difficult time! People like you really do make a difference!

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Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I did not receive any compensation for this review. The opinions in my reviews are my own, and others’ opinions may vary. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.

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