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Friday, March 30, 2012

Free one year subscription to Everyday with Rachel Ray!

Calling all Rachel Ray fans! Today you can get a free subscription to Everyday with Rachel Ray Magazine. To sign up go here and enter the promo code JR44YNSE. I love learning new recipes and tips and if you know anything about Rachel Ray she does a little bit of everything!

I just signed up and it said I should receive my magazine in 4-8 weeks! Thank you Country Mama Bliss for sharing this fabulous deal!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Free prescription glasses!

So this morning I had an email from Coastal Contacts telling me to try ordering my prescription eyeglasses online....for FREE! This couldn't have come at a better time as the glasses I'm currently wearing are my old antique glasses that have recently broke and are glued together. And I'm only wearing these because my "newerish" glasses had broke a few weeks ago. And if you learn anything about me now is I love a great deal, I love coupons and well you can't get any better than FREE!

So I decided to check into this deal a little closer. Over 700 frames to choose from, free return shipping if you get them and they don't fit or look good, fast shipping & you can upload your photo to see the glasses on your own face. Awesome! So after browsing and uploading my photo I had narrowed my choices down to 19.

I eventually narrowed it down to my final choice and proceeded with the ordering process. Well now comes the tricky part. Free is not actually free unless all the stars align and you only need the very basic of glasses. And of course my prescription did not meet the "free" guidelines. Mine needed a thinner lens and I of course upgraded to anti glare coating, uv coating and a scratch prevention coating. The scratch prevention coating being the most important with 2 little boys in the house. And you have to pay for shipping. So my "free" glasses ended up costing me about $60. Which yes it much more than free, yet still a great price for new, non glued prescription glasses that will show up to my door in a few days. And they do come with a case, cleaning cloth and a few other goodies! Yes I would have preferred an actual free pair of awesome new glasses but I'm pleased overall with the ease of ordering, number of products and hopefully the glasses when they arrive next week!

So if your in the market for a new pair of glasses head over to and see if you can take advantage of this deal. There is some fine print to read and I didn't see a date to which this promotion will end, but just maybe your pair will be free!

Use the code: FIRSTPAIRFREE!

Here is the glasses I chose. (on their model, not me :o)

UPDATE: My glasses arrived in 3 business days! They are as cute if not better than on screen, the prescription is correct and they came with a hard storage case, a fabric lens cleaner and a keyring glasses tool with 3 different mini screwdriver heads. Overall I am very impressed!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Train Party!

My son turned 3 this past Summer. There was never a question as to what theme of party this would be as he is an absolute train fanatic. If it has a train on it, we have it. So the train theme party planning began...

First came the invitations. And since I'm a graphic designer I have the most fun designing the invitations myself and go all out. Here is what I came up with. It had a boarding ticket and train tracks for the envelope liner.

I always plan a full menu of food and dessert for the Birthday parties. So going with the early morning party time, (Dad had to work that afternoon) I planned breakfast food! Yes! Breakfast! We had Pancake puffers (pancake batter I baked in a mini muffin pan) with multiple options of syrup for dipping, we had bacon, we had fresh fruit, juice and instead of cake we had DONUTS! This was by far the most fun, affordable Birthday meal I have planned. Each food item got a special train name and tag.

I made many trained themed railroad signs and of course the "Annie & Clarabelle" train cars from cardboard boxes to go with our Thomas the Train Engine tent. I also made the Birthday boy his very own special train cake. We had a beautiful day and the breakfast party was a hit. I think this will be a new tradition for his Summer Birthday.