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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

MadeOn Hard Lotion Bar & Lip Balm Review

I came across MadeOn Skin Care Products and the hard lotion bar from a friend. She was dying to try it and it sounded so interesting and something I would love to try as well. I was excited to have the chance to review the hard lotion bar and lip balm!

So what exactly is MadeOn and the hard lotion bar?
MadeOn Skin Care Products was created by Renee Harris, the owner out of desperation. She had extremely dry hands with splits from her daily activities and causing her the worst pain. Being her most important tools she used her creativity and love of making things in the kitchen to create the lotion bar. Within days her hands were healed and the lotion bar worked on her son's eczema as well! The product worked so well it has now turned into a family business.

Hard lotion is a lotion that is solid at room temperature. It is made from three simple ingredients...
• shea butter
• coconut oil
• beeswax
And that's it! You simply rub it in your hands to soften the bar and apply to your skin. Hard lotion is better because it uses beeswax to leave a gentle, protective coating on your skin.

Hard Lotion Review
I reviewed the Bee Silk lotion bar in the pocket size and put it to the test right away. I have extremely dry feet as I like to walk barefoot all summer and I have a dry rash around my ring on my hand that will not go away. It is always red and painful from the moisture under and around my ring from frequent hand washing. I can use regular lotion with a temporary relief, however when I use the lotion bar the redness and dry rash goes away almost immediately. And because of the beeswax it doesn't wash off the next time I wash my hands. I love it!

I also love the lotion bar for my hands and legs for the same reason. It creates the best soft coating and really really protects your skin and stays on. No slimy hands or legs from swimming or washing.

The bar is a little weird at first as it is not like a lotion at all. It goes on a little bit more firm and thick and you really need to massage the bar to get it warmed up to use. But let me tell you the results are worth it!

With only three safe ingredients the lotion bar is perfect for the entire family. Even babies! And it smells  really good too! I think it smells like a soft honey. Big Brother loves to use the lotion bar, and he can because this lotion doesn't make a mess and glop all over everything.

I also was sent the lip balm to review and again it is a little hard to get used to because it goes on a little more firm and needs to warm up just a bit first. But such a good feeling to know that you are only putting safe normal ingredients on your lips, no chemicals and extras. Just like the lotion bar the lip balm is great too.

MadeOn is more than just the lotion bar, they also have hair butter, rash cream, goat milk soap, Beesilk Jr. for delicate skin and a bug block bar! And if you are a DIYer they sell a kit to make your lotion and lip balm the way you want it. You can also purchase zinc oxide and make your own sunscreen! I have been really wanting to try this!

MadeOn products would make the perfect gift for a new mom or for any occasion! Check them out and share with your friends, you'll be glad you did!
Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I did not receive any compensation for this review. The opinions in my reviews are my own, and others’ opinions may vary. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.


  1. Hi I am your newest follower and like your blog. My daughter always ask me to put lip balm on her lips daily so this post really hit home for me. It is better to use a natural product on your kids.
    Please follow back.

  2. would love to try some natural bug spray

  3. These sound like great products. I have the same issue from being barefoot and really need something like this myself