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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Crazy Cupid Giveaway Hop #crazycupid - Mia Mariu Makeup Giveaway

crazycupid 2 photo crazycupid2.jpg
As January comes to a close we are on to February and the month of LOVE! I've teamed up with a swoon of other bloggers to bring you tons of fantastic prizes and Valentines ideas in the Crazy Cupid Giveaway Hop hosted by Cheap is the New Classy! This event will run from February 1st - 15th.

So wether you are celebrating as a couple or celebrating your independence this Valentines Day, come on over and enter to win something as a gift or for yourself! Each gift is valued at $25 or above, so there is bound to be something great for everyone!

For my giveaway you have the chance to win the fabulous mineral makeup from Mia Mariu! I reviewed the mineral cream foundation, mineral cream concealer and the mineral eye shadow duo. You will win these same fabulous choices in the color of your choice! A $56 value! (Full review)
1. Cream Concealer  2. Cream Foundation  3. Eye Shadow Duo
Now enter away then hop on over and enter all the other participating blogs!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bambinos Tidy Table Tray + Flexi-Diner Review

Just wait until I show you this new must have item for toddlers and kids! I just love kids stuff, and when I come across a product as cool as this I just can't wait to tell you about it!

Check out the Tidy Table Tray + Flexi-Diner from Bambinos! This tray is seriously so cool and has so many uses! The tray simply clamps on to nearly any table. (Think clipboard style clamp with soft rubber coating to protect from scratches). And you can either use it with or without the insert tray. The tray is also BPA free which is a must!

With the insert tray on it has a spill catch lip. The design of the insert allows the tray to mold to their body as they lean into the tray. Any food that falls will roll down the lip and back onto the tray, not their laps as per usual any other method. This is great for babies and toddlers. You can also easily unsnap the insert and carry to the sink for washing. Easy clean-up! Whew! If that is not every Mother's dream!

You can also use the tray without the insert. Great for older children who don't need the spill lip, but still great for protecting your table and for easy clean up. Also great for craft projects. The tray contains the supplies and the mess.

We have even used ours as a convenient TV style tray. The boys both had vintage metal trays they use for snacks and breakfast. They don't hold up real well to kid abuse and Little Brother's just broke. So we clamped the Tidy Table Tray to a step stool and had an instant sit down tray. It works perfect!

The tray would also be great for meals at friends or Grandma's, or even out to a restaurant. No worry about germs and messing up Grandma's table! Extremely lightweight and portable I see no reason this has to be used only at home. Grab a tote bag and get out of the house!

The Tidy Tray proved to do everything it stated and more. Little Brother can easily eat and enjoys using the tray. The cup holder is actually big enough to hold a sippy cup or regular cup too. Both boys also love the interactive pictures that tell you where your sippy cup, spoons, forks and bowls go. Mom loves that I just saved time on clean up. Not only on the table but the kid too!

About Bambinos!
As you can probably guess, the Tidy Table Tray was invented by a Mom. As most must have kid related items are. Her idea for the tray was to allow her one year old to the table to eat with the rest of the family. Frustrated with constant clean up and no options at hand that were functional, she created the Tidy Table Tray + Flexi Diner.

Bambinos! is a US based company and a father, mother daughter team. They are dedicated to making innovative juvenile products, which enrich, educate and enhance the meal time experience.

You can purchase the tray either through Babies R US for $21.99 or on Amazon. Just think what a great baby shower gift this would be.

Make sure to find Bambinos! on Facebook and keep up to date on new products, giveaway's and more!  Let's all support these small US family companies! Love it!
Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I did not receive any compensation for this review. The opinions in my reviews are my own, and others’ opinions may vary. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.

Monday, January 28, 2013

In this house we do.... Custom Canvas

I'm so excited to share with you a project I've been working on. This is a Christmas present for my "oldest" friend. Friends since the first grade we have always got each other gifts for holidays and Birthdays. 

This year she sent me a picture of a print of the popular "In this family we do...." quote. She really liked it and was wondering if I could craft something up for her that fit her space and was less expensive. I of course was up for the challenge.

I started out buying a couple of random prints on canvas at Ross. I liked the size and that she could either use it horizontal or vertical. The two canvas' were $14.99. Depending on where you purchase blank canvas' this is a great deal.

I painted a thick coat of black acrylic paint over the design. Not worrying too much about brush strokes to add to the hand crafted feel.

I measured my canvas and designed my quote on the computer. I then sent it to a local vinyl shop for printing. Each piece cost $12. Call around a get price quotes in your area before you decide on a vinyl shop. Prices can vary dramatically depending on the shop. One local shop quoted me $94 for the same prints!

Making sure my black paint had plenty of time to dry and cure, I then positioned my vinyl. Rubbed it on, and peeled off the backing.

I now have two custom canvas prints that look amazing! Total cost $38.99! I had black paint already so  I didn't include that.

My friends hasn't seen this yet as she lives out of town. We usually wait for friends and family delivery to save on shipping and nothing has connected yet. I can't wait for her to see this though, I know she will love it!

Get creative! Design your style and order a custom vinyl! The possibilities are endless!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kid Slime

I've been pinning and pinning cool stuff as many of you have been as well since my introduction to Pinterest. I've decided I would start making my way through my pins and actually make, do or try them. They must be good if they were pin worthy right?

Well first on my list was this simple "slime" recipe for kids. Two ingredients. Clear glue and liquid starch. Couldn't be easier, right?

WRONG!! Who knew finding those two ingredients would take me weeks!
I first started out by finally finding some clear red glitter glue. I then stumbled upon the genius idea of making my own liquid starch in my Google search of where I could purchase the darn stuff. So I made my homemade liquid starch and then mixed the glue in....TOTAL FAIL! We had some sort of sticky goo but not slime. Luckily Big Brother has a good attitude and doesn't get worked up over stuff like that. I'd really been talking up this slime.

So fast forward a couple more weeks where I finally find liquid starch at our local Winco store for a couple bucks (on the laundry isle). I then find clear Elmer's Glue at our local JoAnns Craft Store. Which I might add I had already looked previously for the glue, but the stars aligned and now they had it.

So the day came we FINALLY got to make our slime. We followed the recipe of 1 1/2 cups clear glue and 1 1/2 cups liquid starch. The consistency was a little bit wet so we added just a bit more glue and some glitter for fun.

So we finally got our super simple (lol..right?) kids slime. Both Big Brother and Little Brother did have a good time with the slime, although for as much effort I went to find the ingredients and make the slime, it didn't hold their interest for as long as I'd hoped.

Overall a fun, fairly inexpensive project. We've stored ours in the refrigerator so it can be played with again and again. Now that I have a bunch of liquid starch, I must seek out more crafts! Ideas anyone?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Give A Hoot Giveaway Hop - Origami Owl & Kinsey Krafts Giveaway


I am so excited to bring to you along with A Spectacled Owl, the Give A Hoot Giveaway Hop!
Inspired by my friend Tara from A Spectacled Owl, this giveaway hop is for all you owl lovers!
20 separate bloggers have come together to bring you fun, fabulous and fantastic prizes
that in some way, shape or form are owl related!

So enter below to win my HOOT worthy prize package and then hop on over to all
the other participating blogs! Good Luck!


For my prize package you have the chance to win a set of three felt owls from Kinsey Krafts and a $25 gift certificate to Origami Owl, courtesy of Kerri Lamb, Independent Consultant.

Kinsey Krafts makes fantastic felt food, owls, games and more and you can read and see more about them here in my review.

Kerri Lamb, Independent Consultant for Origami Owl is ready to help you share your story in your very own Living Locket. See amazing pictures and how to get started here in my full review.
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Origami Owl Review & Upcoming Giveaway

Everyone has a story to tell: It might be a story of survival, a story of faith, a celebration of family, a special memory, or a realization of a life dream. Whether you've welcomed a new member to your family through adoption, become a grandma, suffered the loss of a family member or friend, returned from a dream vacation, or just want to share your hobbies, interests, or team spirit, Origami Owl can help you create a locket to help you share your story with others.
Origami Owl Living Lockets are truly an extension of YOU. Each and every piece is custom designed to tell the story of your life and of what's important to you. Living Lockets also make great gifts for birthdays, graduations, bridesmaids, moms, grandmas, etc. Everyone has a unique story to tell, so why not help them tell it with a personalized living locket from Origami Owl?
I had the opportunity to work with Kerri Lamb an Independent Consultant for Origami Owl and review a locket of my own. My charms include a birthstone for my boys, husband and I as well as a heart with the word family. I absolutely adore this necklace. It's like looking into a small window and watching a story unfold.
I love that with so many charms to choose from, you are bound to find one, two, three or more to tell your story. There are even holiday charms. I can't wait to customize my necklace as the year progresses. 
You will most likely be shocked as I was to find that Origami Owl was started by Bella, who was 14 at the time and just looking for a way to earn enough money to buy a car for her 16th Birthday. Word spread about her unique jewelry line and people wanted to know how they could bring Origami Owl to their family and friends.

So how do you get started designing a necklace of your own or as a wonderful gift for someone special? Simply go to and pick out your favorite locket. Then choose your favorite chain. Lastly, fill your locket with some of their many charms, plates, etc., that tell your story. It will ship directly to your front door for quick and easy gift giving and provide a memory that will last forever. Best of all it arrives with a take-out box and a fabric fortune cookie pouch, creating a beautiful gift inside and out!
With so many ways to design your necklace, I found it was fun and helpful to view examples on the Origami Owl - Kerri Lamb Facebook page. She will also keep you up to date on new charms, dangles and their new tags line as well. You can also email her directly at with any questions you might have. She is happy to help and can't wait to hear from you.

WIN IT: I LOVE my Origami Owl necklace and it has been a pleasure working with Kerri. She would love to help you get started on your story! One lucky winner will win $25 to her online store in the upcoming Give A Hoot Giveaway Hop that will run from January 24th-31st. Good Luck! ENTER HERE!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kinsey Krafts Review & Upcoming Giveaway

I'm a sucker for cute things for my kids, and when I came across Kinsey Krafts on Etsy, oh my gosh do they make the cutest fun items out of felt! I purchased a few last year for Birthday gifts and the quality is amazing. You would never guess each item is done by hand. You will not find this quality or detail in store bought items. My boys have a name brand felt food set and it is junk in comparison to Kinsey Krafts.
See the detail! All done by hand!

Not only do I love all of their items, but I get to share with you this special little felt owl set for the upcoming Give A Hoot Giveaway Hop! One of you will win this set of adorable owls! Owls are so popular right now they will fit with any decor or could even be a small lovey for your little ones.

What I also love about Kinsey Krafts is that their products are affordable. This set of 3 owls is just $12. For the quality and customer service you can't go wrong.

Kinsey Krafts also makes a variety of creative fun non food items, such as Rock Dominos, Patchwork Blankets, Chalk Blocks, Felt Memory game and more! All super fun and so creative!
Felt Memory Game! Love this!

Here are a few of my favorite items Kinsey Krafts has to offer...

And don't miss these fabulous gift ideas for your little ones for Valentines Day! No sugary treats, just fun!
Kinsey Krafts is also on Facebook and hosts a Birthday Giveaway. All you have to do is private message Kinsey Krafts with your child's name, age and birth date and each month they will do a drawing from the children's names with Birthday's that month! What a fun idea and a fun surprise for the winning child! So hurry on over, show Kinsey Krafts some love and get your children's names in!

I love Kinsey Krafts and I know you will too. Support a small business and get safe, quality toys for your children in return!

WIN IT! Don't forget to come back and enter to win the set of 3 felt owls in the Give A Hoot Giveaway Hop that will start on January 24th-31st!

Fresh Words Market Partners with LIFT to Help Fight Poverty Through Art

I love when I come across companies that truly give back and use their talents for something good. And that is exactly what Fresh Words Market is doing in their partnership with LIFT.

Fresh Words Market is a socially-conscious modern art company that creates art out of inspiring positive messages that fit any age range. Fresh Words Market normally donates 10% of their proceeds to women and children focused initiatives around the world, however in this partnership with LIFT they are donating 100% of the proceeds!

LIFT is a humanitarian movement to combat poverty and expand opportunity for all people in the United States. All proceeds of this partnership will help this non-profit in their effort to eradicate U.S. poverty.

“Fresh Words Market and LIFT recognize that poverty is an ever growing issue – one that is pressing, but not impossible to overcome,” said Rebecca Peragine, artist and founder of Fresh Words Market. “With the encouraging message, we hope to inspire people to be strong while transforming the lives of families in need.”

So how can you help? Purchase this fabulous 11"x14" modern artwork with the words "Be Fearless"! (pictured above) Artwork for you and the good feeling of helping somebody in need!

Prints are available for $30 on both the Fresh Words Market and LIFT websites. For more information on Fresh Words Market and LIFT, please visit and

Friday, January 18, 2013

7 AM Enfant Winter Wonderland Giveaway

Baby it's cold outside, I've got the gear your looking for!
Baby it's cold outside, something to keep you warm!

To keep baby nice and warm, a cozy hat to wear around,
Warm Muffs for you Mom, when your out and on the town!

Baby it's cold outside......................

Ok did you all sing that in your best "Baby it's cold outside" sing song voice? That is my best attempt at a little rhyme to gear you up for this fun giveaway sponsored by 7AM Enfant!
7AM Enfant is the place to be when searching for the best products to keep you and your little ones warm this winter. All 7AM Enfant products are made of the finest materials and craftsmanship. And with a wide range of products you are bound to find the perfect mix of warm and luxurious for whatever cold element ails you!

I've had the opportunity to work with 7AM Enfant and review their Warm Muffs. One of the warmest, smartest products for parents on the go. I'm in love with mine. I love I don't have to search for gloves when it's time to head out, my Warm Muffs are right where I left them waiting to keep me warm and cozy...and stylish too! You can read all about the Warm Muffs and see additional detailed photos here in my previous review.
Check out the Warm Muffs! Who wants to win a pair? This is just one of the items you will have a chance at winning! Read on for more!

So you know I already love the Warm Muffs, but fell in love with their Polar Hat as well when it arrived at my door! I wish it was for me, but Big Brother doesn't! He has latched on the the hat, one of the most softest and coziest hats I have ever felt, and will even wear it around the house. It has since become a favorite and is with us at all times on our winter outings.
The Polar Hat is extremely lightweight and generous in size, making sure your child's entire head and ears are covered and warm. We reviewed the size 3-4T in the Oxford Blue. A beautiful dark shiny blue. This hat is a dream!
If you have not heard of 7AM Enfant, I highly suggest you check out all of the products they have to offer. Especially if you live in a cold climate. These are items that will keep you active with your children no matter what the weather!
Extremely active on Facebook, you can always find new pictures, posts and a giveaway or two! So head on over and show them some love and then enter below to win a Polar Hat and Warm Muffs of your very own! This giveaway will end February 1st, 2013!
Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I did not receive any compensation for this review. The opinions in my reviews are my own, and others’ opinions may vary. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.

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