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Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Solstice Giveaway Hop (Sponsor Spotlight): Rain or Shine Kids

June 18th. Oregon. Raining. Yet 2 days ago it was 90 degrees. That is how Oregon weather is most of the Summer. It could rain on any given day, so you just better be prepared for anything.

Thankfully Rain or Shine Kids, located in neighboring Seattle, Washington can relate and have created fun, hip, urban products to keep not only us Oregonians prepared, but families all over the world!

I had received a ROSK Woobee Fleece blanket when Little Brother was born and since he was born in February it was perfect for covering the stroller and baby carrier. So I was so excited to now have the opportunity to review one of their Sun Covers!

About ROSK
Rain or Shine Kids started in 2005 with the all weather multi-purpose stroller blanket, the WooBee. Heather Correa founded ROSK trying to keep her daughters dry in the unpredictable Seattle weather. With it's fun, functional and smart design, ROSK quickly became a parenting essential.

ROSK is a true family owned business. Their products are tested from the mountain to the beaches and are manufactured in Seattle as well as a hand selected, like-minded factory overseas.

ROSK Review
We walk every single day. Usually for about an hour around our neighborhood. Not only do me and the boys need to get out, but our very large dog needs some exercise too. Thank goodness for double strollers and now the Sun Cover!

The canopies on the double stroller are pretty good for sun coverage, but the boys little legs would always stick out. It is such a pain to lather up the sunscreen when you just want to get outside and get moving. Especially with nap schedules and all the other things we have to work around in our day. The ROSK Sun Cover is perfect for this! And since babies 6 months and younger can't wear sunscreen at all, this is a must have for keeping the little ones safe and comfortable.

The Sun Cover is generous in size, bell shaped to fit all configurations of baby seats, strollers, baby carriers, etc. It measures 33" in length, 22" width at the top and 33" width at the bottom. It has two sets of ties to secure the cover so it stays put! It is lightweight at only 6 ounces, white so it doesn't get hot and protects at UPF 45+!
Photo Courtesy of ROSK
Photo Courtesy of ROSK
Photo Courtesy of ROSK
The Sun Cover easily fit the double stroller (minus Little Brother kicking and poking his feet out the sides). It was perfect. I felt good knowing the boys were safe, yet cool on our walk. This is something that will be used each and every day here at my house and is lightweight enough it can easily be thrown in the diaper bag for outings as well. Bonus I got to review the Sun Orange color and it matches our stroller!
The Sun Cover comes in 5 fun bright edging colors. You can purchase them here. And make sure to keep up with them on Facebook for updates and sale specials too!

Along with the ROSK Sun Cover and line of Rain Blankets, ROSK has added fun bibs and burp clothes as well. Check them out, you'll be glad to have the protection for your kids!

WINT IT: ROSK has generously offered a Sun Cover in your choice of edging color to one of my readers in my Summer Solstice Giveaway Hop going on now! This giveaway runs from June 18-24 so make sure to enter to win this and other fantastic kids products! ENTER HERE!
Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I did not receive any compensation for this review. The opinions in my reviews are my own, and others’ opinions may vary. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.


  1. Awesome! Will check out this brand.

  2. This looks amazing, love the orange!

  3. I have one of the ROSK winter covers, I've always wondered how the summer one compared. Thanks for this quick little review :)