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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

NatureSnug All-In-2 Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway

*I was not paid for this post but provided with a NatureSnug AI2 Diaper for the purpose of review and my honest opinion. The following is my thoughts and review....

New cloth diaper alert! I love All-In-2 cloth diapers and was so excited to have the opportunity to try the new NatureSnug All-In-2 diaper from Smart Snugs!
For those of you who don't know, the All-In-2 diaper is a hybrid cloth diaper that gives you options for what works best for your family and child. The NatureSnug all-in-two is designed as a cover and separate inserts. Both the cover and the inserts are PUL backed so you can simply change the insert and reuse the cover. This not only gives you options for which insert you would like to use but also saves you money by not having to have as many full diapers.

With this specific diaper cover you can use any of Smart Snugs FIVE insert options.
• 5 layer insert
• 6 layer bamboo charcoal w/gussets
• 6 layer bamboo cotton w/gussets
• 6 layer bamboo charcoal
• 6 layer booster

We had the opportunity to review the cover in turquoise with the 6 layer bamboo charcoal insert with gussets. The cover is made from a super soft bamboo cotton with the PUL waterproof lining as well as bamboo charcoal microfleece in the front and back of the diaper that keeps the insert in place as well as wicks moisture away from babies skin.
The NatureSnug All-In-2 is one size diaper and is made to fit babies from 8-35 pounds. It has an adjustable rise system as well as hip snaps to get the perfect fit and prevent leaks. Little Brother is a great cloth diaper tester as he weighs about 30 pounds now at 2.5 years old. Although we are on the road to potty training we still have plenty of diaper use to go. This diaper fits Little Brother so good and appears that it will make it to the 35 pound mark as advertised.
Multiple design features of this All-In-2 make the fit of this diaper so perfect and comfortable. For one it has double gussets around the legs. They make a secure fit but without any pinching and tightness. Two it has a wonderful elastic backing to again make the fit secure with no gaps or bunching. Add the 6 layer bamboo charcoal insert with gussets to this cover and you have a super soaking, leak proof, comfortable diaper for your little one.
The 6 layer bamboo charcoal insert can be used with the All-In-2 or the Smart Snugs pocket diapers and is an extra large size that soaks up tons of liquid. The top layer is a super soft bamboo charcoal micro fleece that allows liquid to pass through while keeping moisture away from babies skin. Bamboo charcoal is also naturally odor resistant and antimicrobial. Layer 2 is bamboo cotton, 3, 4 and 5 layers are microfiber and layer 6 is a waterproof PUL. This keeps the liquid inside the insert and also makes it easy to pull out with no wet on your hands!
My favorite feature of this diaper is no stuffing! You simply press the insert in the cover, slip it under the fleece flaps, snap it on baby and go! And when it's time to change you simply pull out the wet insert, place it in your pail and put in a new fresh insert. For soiled diapers I would recommend a new cover and insert. Less covers means less bulk, especially when out and about or traveling as well as less  money in start up costs.

I absolutely love this diaper. It is now one of our favorites in my stash. As Little Brother is older he can really wet a diaper and this one has held up with zero leaks. It is so soft and comfortable on him I just can't say enough good things about it. I also love the bamboo outer fabric on the cover, it is so soft and unique to any other diapers we have.

The new NatureSnug All-In-2 covers are $18.99 and the 6 layer bamboo charcoal inserts with gussets are $22.50 for a 3 pack. This comes to just $13.83 per diaper when you consider you get 3 changes out of the package. An excellent price!

Also for an additional savings use the COUPON CODE below for 10% off any order at through August!

About Smart Snugs
Smart Snugs is a family owned and operated company. They have an extremely high standard of integrity for themselves and the people they connect with. Their mission is to offer an affordable and reliable solution for busy families who might not have otherwise considered cloth diapers and they pride themselves in a great warranty and exceptional customer service!

I love that by purchasing Smart Snugs you are supporting a small business and family. You not only get affordable prices but an excellent product and most important I feel is the customer service. You have a problem, they will take care of you.

Keep up to date with Smart Snugs on Facebook, where you will always find fun and new stuff going on. Weekly giveaways, contests, coupon codes and more! You can also find them on Twitter!

Smart Snugs is generously offering the chance for one of you to win a SimpleSnug AI2 Cover and insert! I love Smart Snugs diapers and know you will too! Enter below and good luck!
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  1. This is a great review! I can't wait to start cloth diapering soon! :D

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  3. May I get honest diaper reviews to buy baby care products? I would like to use these for my niece as she has soft skin and any non-branded product does not suit her. Thanks to discuss!