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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bokos Sandals Review

*I was not paid for this post but provided with a pair of sandals for the purpose of review and my honest opinion. The following is my thoughts and review....
Hallelujah for hot summer sun and this beautiful weather we have been having. It has been the perfect opportunity to try out my new sandals from Bokos!

Bokos are a multi purpose sandal that can go anywhere from your house to an airplane to the beach. They are a one piece design which means super strength and durability and made from a non-porous rubber material to block out dirt and make cleaning a breeze. The non-porous rubber is also anti-odor which if you ask me is a must!
Bokos was created by two brothers. While they were traveling overseas they found sandals similar in style to Bokos and began wearing them everywhere. They soon found family and often strangers asking where they too could get a pair and the idea for Bokos was born. 

I've been wearing my Bokos around the house in and out like a slipper. They are so easy to slip on and off and the sole is nice and flat so they don't track any dirt and junk in. They are super flexible and comfortable too. I love that they are a one piece design and so easy to hose off and clean up. They are also cute and you can wear them out and about with no worries!
I also love the fun color selections you can choose from. I chose the blue which is vibrant and fun but for women you can also get black, melon or pink. For men you can choose black, military green, grey or navy blue.

Bokos only come in full sizes. I like my sandals to fit a little bit smaller so I chose to go with an 8 (I wear an 8.5) however if you want some breathing space I would order the next size up rather than down.

Bokos are going to be perfect for our camping trips but I can also see them being used for the beach, pool, after workouts and well just about anything you need a quick and clean pair of sandals to slip on. And the great part about Bokos? They won't break the bank! At just $16 a pair you can afford a couple pairs and have them wherever they are needed.

They are even more affordable when you use the 
coupon code: KIDS for 20% off! 

They also have a satisfaction promise. If for whatever reason your Bokos don't work out, they will make it right! Nothing says more about a company and product than those who stand behind their product 100%!

Find Bokos on Facebook and Twitter and show them your support. They might just be your new "fave" for the summer!


  1. They're really cute and looks super comfortable. I like that color of blue and also love the melon color they have.

  2. those look so pretty on you.. love the baby blue color!