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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Barn Light Electric - Sydney Industrial Review - Dining Room Makeover

*I was not paid for this post but provided with a discount on lighting for the purpose of review and my honest opinion. The following is my thoughts and review....
As you know I've been working on a little house makeover and I can't wait to show you the new addition to my dining room! I've been waiting on getting my curtains finished before I showed you the big new WOW that I'm absolutely in love with.

Let me introduce you to my new bright barn red "Sydney Industrial" pendant light from Barn Light Electric! Isn't she beautiful! Oh my gosh I'm in love love love!

After getting our vintage 1950's dining booth for our dining room, our old rustic chandelier was just  not fitting the style anymore. I was determined to find something more fitting and knew I hit the nail on the head finding the huge selection with Barn Light Electric.

I spent many hours paging through all the choices available. I even put together a mock up of my dining room so I could get a better feel of what they might look like. I finally made my decision on the Sydney Industrial Cord Hung Pendant. I went with this look as I loved the unique industrial yet vintage feel and the cast guard letting light shine out through the top. Going from a multi light chandelier I was really worried that a one light down cast shade would really darken up our space and maybe not be enough light.

Now just because I made my selection on light style, don't think your choices are limited there. You then choose your shade size. You can get as small as 12" and as large as 18". Mine is 18" and I don't think I would have wanted any smaller for this space. You can then choose from 15 different finishes. I trusted my gut and went with the barn red. You then can choose your cord, canopy and guard finishes. Last is your choice of glass for your cast guard and even what wattage you want. Either incandescent or a CFL pin socket. You can completely customize and design the light to fit you and your space. No run of the mill store lighting here.

Once my order was placed I couldn't wait until my new light would arrive. Because all Barn Light Electric lights are hand crafted there is a little more wait time for these products. Usually 7-10 days before your light will ship. Some take less if they are in stock or some more depending on you selection. Each light will have a code telling you approximately how long for that lighting. All the lights are made right here in the USA in Florida, so with my location in Oregon it was a couple weeks before my light arrived.

I was so impressed by the packing and care to get my light to me safely. As you can see in these pictures my light was securely surrounded by foam and shredded cardboard. You can be sure your light will arrive in one piece and ready for action.

As you can see in some of my pictures my light arrived with a white top and my final light has a red top. This was a mix up at Barn Light Electric in the manufacturing of my light as this is one of their new styles. Sometimes a good mix up can tell you a lot about a company. I can tell you that Barn Light quickly apologized and took immediate action to get me my new top in red. Customer Service was above and beyond and took care of every detail and my new top arrived in 2 days! Of course nobody wants to receive the wrong product, however we are all human and make mistakes. I'm fine with that as I know I'm not perfect and the service I received from Barn Light would make me purchase from them again and again.

I'm a total DIY'er and got to work installing my new light. I did have a little trouble as I couldn't find clear directions for this specific light and hardware and how it all went together. So I took a couple photos of the parts in the order I put them in for my light and hopefully it will help you as well.

(BEFORE STARTING, turn off power at the breaker)
My home is newer so my wiring is pretty straight forward. You should have a black, white and ground wire. You simply match up the wires and screw on the wire nuts. Then screw in your bracket to the ceiling mount. Up goes your canopy and you tighten the cord screw and your done. The light came with extra long cording so I had to judge the length I needed and trim to expose the wires. You may or may not have to depending on the location of your light.

As you can see this light made a HUGE difference in the looks of our dining room (notice the before and after curtains as well). The output of light is absolutely perfect and I actually love it way more than our previous chandelier. It makes it feel more cozy and like a dining room. I bought the largest wattage bulb I could get for this light (this one can take up to 100 watts) and I bought a clear bulb hoping to maximize the light. I love the output of light from the cast guard, although it is a little bright if you look directly at it, according to my husband. You can see from the pictures here as well the pretty light patterns it casts on the ceiling and walls too.

About Barn Light Electric
You all know and can tell how much I love this new light. But I want to tell you more about this company as well. Barn Light Electric was starting by a husband and wife who had a passion for restoring antique barn lighting. Lighting wasn't made like these antique barn lights from the 30's and 40's anymore and they wanted to bring that back.

So not only did Barn Light Electric start out as a small company, but all their products are hand made right here in the USA. Their company is like family and they take pride in the products they have to offer. Barn Light Electric is the only company that manufactures old style porcelain enamel lighting and although their lighting isn't cheap like you might find at big home improvement centers, it is made to last for years and years to come, just like the original lighting was back in the day. And I know I've seen plenty of high priced lighting options at these home improvement centers that can't match the quality of Barn Light.

Here is a video that will tell you and show you more about the company and how they make their lighting. It is actually very neat and warms my heart to support a company like that. 

I am so happy with my Barn Light that I'd even stretch so far to call me an addict :) I want to find anywhere and everywhere to update my current lights with new lights from Barn Light Electric. They really make a statement, are built to last and are helping to support families right here in the US. They also offer some industrial decor, enamelware dinnerware and other lighting accessories. 

Visit them on Facebook for inspiration, more about their company and a current giveaway! I'm getting my entry in! They are active in all other social media as well so become a fan, support a fantastic American made product and company and tell your friends! 


  1. LOVE your new light Jesi! You already know I'm impressed with your handyman skills :) Great job! I'm still in love with your booth!

  2. Super cute and red!!! Love it!

  3. I love this, my mom has some lights similar to this but black and I have been contemplating getting some of my own. It would look really good in my kitchen!

  4. Very pretty! I am impressed with their customer service in fixing the mixup so well! It's hard to find anyone who gives good service like that anymore and it definatly makes me more likely to shop there! I LOVE the family tree with pics on the wall in the background! Very pretty! I'm a new follower, glad to have found your blog!
    Jen Whitten

  5. I am doing research on this light company for my communications class essay and found your blog about the new light. It looks absolutely super!! I love it!