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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Walls Need Love Review & upcoming giveaway

I'm in the middle of a complete house makeover! It is amazing what one idea, purchase or change can start the ball rolling on a handful of other projects. I won't go into full detail here as I'm so excited with the changes that I want to do a separate post on each area!

I will however share with you my new living room wall makeover with special thanks to Walls Need Love for the amazing Lollipop Tree and Birds decal! If I do say so myself it completely finishes the room!
About Walls Need Love
Walls Need Love is a small company of people-loving sticker fiends (their words, not mine) and are here to help your house become the most stylish dream home you always wanted. WNL started in 2009 out of a "teeny-tiny decal cart" and has since grown, however they still consider themselves a homegrown business and consider their customers the most import thing.

Walls Need Love Review
When I first happened upon Walls Need Love, it was the personality in their company that caught my attention first. I love fun, I love quirky and I love happy! That is what Walls Need Love portrays to me. That alone makes me want to support them.

This fun quirky attitude comes across in all aspects of their business. From their web site to to their printed materials delivered with your decal, you can not help but smile. Besides the fact you know you are going to have a new awesome looking wall! Yippee!

So here it is. My blank canvas. I used to have some floating wall shelves but with my new storage cabinets, ok and the new tv my husband showed up at my door with, they had to go. The look just wasn't right. 
Enter Walls Need Love and their amazing selection of wall decals. And perfectly a size to fit any wall. As mentioned above I went with the Lollipop Tree and Birds and chose their largest size 72" x 72" in black vinyl. I chose black as it goes best with my decor, however they have 40 different color choices! I know 40!!!

Your decal will come all perfectly wrapped up small in a nice little box, however once unrolled you will see the task before you! Don't be scared, just follow the directions included and you'll be fine!
I decided to take on this monster by myself as I'm impatient and wanted it done RIGHT NOW, but you may want to ask for a second set of hands on something this large.
First I cut each individual piece out. And then positioned them on my wall with painters tape. This is very important to get the right look. I'm sure glad I did, as I must have stuck and removed the tree 5 or 6 times before finally getting just the direction I was happy with. 
I then carefully peeled away the base paper, sticking the vinyl to the wall all while trying not to disrupt the tape and layout of the tree. Not as hard as it sounds, but a slow but steady process. This tree also has three parts that need to be put together like a puzzle.
Now is the fun part. Squeegee your design over the transfer tape, adhering it to the wall. Make sure to smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles.
Now slowly (key word when installing decals) start to peel the transfer tape away from the wall and your decal. You may need to squeegee some more or use a fingernail to help the decal to the wall. It is best to peel at an angle and straight back onto itself.
Now one section of the tree is up. The other two parts as I mentioned above are like a puzzle. On each piece is a number. One, two and three. You put them up in order and the numbers will fit together like a puzzle, lining up your decal and making the perfect tree. Follow the same steps as above for each piece and then again for the placement of your birds and you will have your masterpiece.
I integrated my clock into mine and I absolutely LOVE how it came out. I think it makes a statement and makes our living room feel complete and fun, yet clean.
Now wasn't that easy! The full decal took me about an hour. And that included my positioning time with the painters tape and the tree. Not bad for a total room transformation!

Now I think Walls Need Love is going to be one of my new favorite stores. Not only because they are fun, but because of the variety they carry. Not only do they carry a huge selection of vinyl decals, they also carry removable wallpaper tiles (I'm dying to try this), wall prints, wall text and more. Everything can be custom too. Upload your favorite photo and make a wall print. Type in your child's name and make a custom vinyl decal just for them. The ideas and options are limitless. 

Need help with your design? Walls Need Love has rockstar customer service and are just waiting for your call! And don't forget to give them some love back on Facebook. You are bound to find some inspiring designs, fun ideas, giveaways and so much more!

WIN IT: So did I get my point across about how awesome Walls Need Love is? Would a giveaway make them even cooler? Yes it sure would! How about $50 certificate to Walls Need Love in the upcoming It's time to get Crafty giveaway hop! This giveaway will start February 6th, 2013 so make sure to come back and enter! ENTER NOW!
Pin It to Win It Contest
In the meantime head on over to Walls Need Love and enter their Pin it to Win it contest! You could win a $100 gift card just for being on Pinterest and pinning what you love. I'm there! Make sure you enter the hashtag: #kidsclutter on your pins so they know I sent you!
Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I did not receive any compensation for this review. The opinions in my reviews are my own, and others’ opinions may vary. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.


  1. Jesi, I love it! It made such a difference in the room! I'm so excited to see all the transformations you are going to be doing <3

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