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Saturday, February 2, 2013

2013 #TheOvernight Walk for Suicide Prevention

I've recently started following the blog Motherhood Unadorned. She has a great blog and most important, she uses her blog for a greater good.

This year she is participating in The 2013 Overnight Walk, an 18 mile overnight walk held by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. This year the walk will take place in Washington DC on June 1-2.
This topic is near and dear to my heart as I lost one of my very best friends to suicide. I grew up with him and he was like a brother to me. Gosh it has been nearly 10 years already and I'm tearing up just telling you about it. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him and wonder what could have been. Could I have done something? Should I have known?
Love you Chase!
This is also very important to Cristi of Motherhood Unadorned as well as she herself battles mental illness and was also suicidal. She was strong enough to reach out and receive proper treatment and has been successfully managing her illness for many years now. You can read her full story and post on this topic here on her blog.

Cristi is so strong and brave to share her story and now to participate in this walk to raise awareness as well. She is currently fundraising to make the cross country trip and needs our help! If we all donate just $1 we can make this possible for her!

So please head on over to her page, read her story and donate if you can. Mental illness is all around us. Big Hugs out to Cristi for standing up and doing something about it and raising awareness!

(Cristi will be carrying my friend Chase's name on her walk in memory of him and will do the same for you if you have lost someone to suicide. You will find everything you need to participate on her blog.)

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