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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hangman Store Anti Tip Furniture & TV Kit Review

I recently read a blog post from a mother who lost her three year old daughter. Her daughter passed away due to her bedroom dresser falling on her. While the family slept the little girl was crushed and unable to scream out.

I bawled my eyes out over the story. Having two little ones myself this hit very close to home. I am a safety freak but knew we also had items that could use securing. After all the dresser that fell on this precious little girl, was a short changing table style dresser. Nothing you might worry too much over. Her mom said all their other tall dressers were anchored and still a horrible horrible tragedy.

If I can do anything to prevent that from happening to my children or yours I will absolutely do it. I started doing research on anti tip kits and what was available. Search after search I would only come up with the same old kits that are PLASTIC! What!?! They had good reviews...until a year later when people move their furniture and they are brittle and break! No way Jose! They whole point of anti tip kits are to give you some security that your children are safe. Not safe for a year and then you have to remember to change them out and buy more!

Finally in my searches I found my hero the Hangman Store! Not only do they carry anti-tip kits, but they are made from steel and galvanized steel aircraft cable and have been tested for weights up to 400 pounds! They are also earthquake and tamper resistant! Now I do like the sound of that!
The kits were very easy to install. I easily installed them on my new cabinets in a matter of minutes. Everything you need is included in the kit. The screws that were included were also a high quality wood screws that went into the stud and the cabinet without pre-drilling. Directions are included on the package but you can also view a video on their web site so you are absolutely clear. It is very important that you find a stud in your wall and that you connect to solid wood on your furniture. If your furniture piece is particle board you may need to check with the furniture manufacturer if it will hold an anti tip kit. You CAN NOT use wall anchors with the tip kits.
The tip kits are super high quality and I also love that an adult can easily remove the pin from the anchor and undo the tip kit. We have a wall heater behind our cabinet and when it gets really cold here we need to use it. This could have been a problem if the tip kit was not easily removable.
The tip kits are also not big and clunky as so your furniture will not be flush to the wall. They have just enough space to fit when the cabinet is butted up against the molding. It was such a good feeling to put these up and know my cabinets are now safe!
We also got a new tv recently and as you might guess the new flat panel tv's are lightweight and could easily tip right over on a child. This is one item in the home that families often overlook on child proofing. Well guess what? The Hangman Store also carries Tv Anti-Tip Kits.
The TV Anti-Tip Kit is nearly as easy to install as the furniture kits. This is also tested up to 400 pounds and is earthquake and tamper resistant.  It comes with hardware for 8mm, 6mm or 5mm VESA mounts and has 13 inch galvanized steel aircraft cables. You screw the cables into the holes available for tv mounting with the provided screws. You then find the closest stud to reach with the cable and attach the steel brackets. Lock the cable into place with the provided pins and you're done!
The only notes about the tv mount for our installation were we wished the cables were just a tad bit longer. We also used different screws than were provided in the kit for securing the cables to the back of the tv. The included screws were a little bit short once the lock washer and cable attachment were included so we opted for a little longer screw.

Now not only does my new wall look amazing but I know it is perfectly safe for my boys! One Anti tip furniture kit costs $12.99 and a two pack is $18.99. You get FREE shipping when you spend $50 or more. A small price to pay for protecting your children.

Now the Hangman Store sells much more than just safety kits. You name it, if you have to hang it, they probably have a strong solution for you. I couldn't begin to list everything so I will just tell you a few and go take a look for yourself while your ordering your anti tip kits! They sell hanging systems, heavy mirror hangers, picture hanging kits, tv and speaker mounts and so much more! All high quality sturdy and safe hanging solutions.

Hangman Store has been wonderful to work with. Excellent customer service and I commend them for their wonderful products, especially in child safety.

Please find the Hangman Store on Facebook, Twitter and to see all about their products and how to use them on YouTube!
Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I did not receive any compensation for this review. The opinions in my reviews are my own, and others’ opinions may vary. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.

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  1. Thank you, Jesi! We need to get one for our big tv. I've been worried about it since we got it and I'm happy to know there are TV kits. Thanks!