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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Kid Slime

I've been pinning and pinning cool stuff as many of you have been as well since my introduction to Pinterest. I've decided I would start making my way through my pins and actually make, do or try them. They must be good if they were pin worthy right?

Well first on my list was this simple "slime" recipe for kids. Two ingredients. Clear glue and liquid starch. Couldn't be easier, right?

WRONG!! Who knew finding those two ingredients would take me weeks!
I first started out by finally finding some clear red glitter glue. I then stumbled upon the genius idea of making my own liquid starch in my Google search of where I could purchase the darn stuff. So I made my homemade liquid starch and then mixed the glue in....TOTAL FAIL! We had some sort of sticky goo but not slime. Luckily Big Brother has a good attitude and doesn't get worked up over stuff like that. I'd really been talking up this slime.

So fast forward a couple more weeks where I finally find liquid starch at our local Winco store for a couple bucks (on the laundry isle). I then find clear Elmer's Glue at our local JoAnns Craft Store. Which I might add I had already looked previously for the glue, but the stars aligned and now they had it.

So the day came we FINALLY got to make our slime. We followed the recipe of 1 1/2 cups clear glue and 1 1/2 cups liquid starch. The consistency was a little bit wet so we added just a bit more glue and some glitter for fun.

So we finally got our super simple (lol..right?) kids slime. Both Big Brother and Little Brother did have a good time with the slime, although for as much effort I went to find the ingredients and make the slime, it didn't hold their interest for as long as I'd hoped.

Overall a fun, fairly inexpensive project. We've stored ours in the refrigerator so it can be played with again and again. Now that I have a bunch of liquid starch, I must seek out more crafts! Ideas anyone?

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