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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013 - Goals and Ramblings

Happy New Year to you all! Looking forward to what 
2013 will bring and watching my boys grow! 
Each year seems to go faster than ever!

I'm not one to be big on a new years resolution but this year I do have some goals and things I would like to accomplish.

1.  More time with my kids, less time on the computer.
As a graphic designer and blogger this one can become very difficult as I have to be on the computer as my job. But I do waste an awful lot of time with random computer stuff. So my goal is to cut out the randomness and play with my children instead. I'm even considering setting a timer for myself. As you all know searching for one thing can lead to hours on the Internet.

2. Be more organized. 
This one is tough for me also as the title of my blog states "clutter". Clutter is my life. I just can't seem to get away from it. I like stuff and our house is small. And I'm honestly too frugal to go out and purchase all the storage supplies need to make my life more organized. Well this year I am making a vow to be better.

3. Meal Makeover.
I'm in a food rut. I make the same meals over and over, for one because they are good and another because they are easy and I know what I need when I go to the store. This year is going to be trying new recipes and experimenting more with meal. I would love your help on this one. Please email me or comment here if you have a fantastic recipe you think I should try. I prefer meals that use "normal" ingredients that you would already have around the house. If I make and add your meal to my new meal schedule I will feature you and the meal here on my blog! So help me out and send me those recipes...PLEASE!!!

4. Spend quality time with friends.
This year I'm going to talk less about getting together with friends for dinner, bbq's or just visits and actually make it happen. I have some amazing friends in my life and we have so much fun when we get together, we need to do it more often.

5. Stick to my exercise routine.
I feel better than ever when I can stick to any sort of exercise schedule. I vow to keep it up and feel good about myself!

Here is to a fantastic 2013! Looking forward to another fun journey! Stay tuned!

- Jesi

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