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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Ubooly - Magical Interactive Stuffed Animal

I came across Ubooly in my search for sponsors in my Rally 4 Jillie series of giveaways. Jillie is a 2.5 year old little girl that was just diagnosed with a fast moving form of Leukemia. My hope is that fun, unique and new items for Jillie will keep her spirits up and just being a kid through this ordeal.

Ubooly was excited to be able to help little Jillie and I'm just as excited to work with them and tell you more about Ubooly.
What is Ubooly?
Ubooly is a magical little stuffed animal that comes to life with your iPhone or iPod Touch. Tell me that doesn't sound like the perfect little friend to pass the day with at the hospital!

You simply slide your device into Ubooly's special pocket and he will come to life! Play trivia games, play pretend, tell stories, jokes, fun facts and even play music! Ubooly updates every month so this little furry friend will never get old!

Ubooly is recommended for ages 4-9 and I love that he is fun and educational! I have not had a chance to physically review Ubooly myself, but I do know just by reading about him and watching the video's that my boys would go crazy over him!

Ubooly is just $29.95 and can be purchased here on the Ubooly web site. What a fun Christmas present this would be! Still plenty of time before Christmas to get in your order!

What is Ubooly up to? Keep tabs on Facebook! And while you're there say hi and say thank you for their wonderful support of Jillie!

Thank You Ubooly! Enter for a chance to win Ubooly and many other amazing prizes starting December 10th-16 in Rally 4 Jillie week 8!
This review is written by me and my own thoughts and feelings of Ubooly. I wrote this review in exchange for sponsorship of Jillie.

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