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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Smart Snugs Cloth Diaper Review & Giveaway

I love cloth diapers and having the opportunity to try the many different brands and share with you how they perform. With so many options on the market today, hopefully reading these reviews will help you find the best fit for your little ones!

I recently had the opportunity to review Smart Snugs brand of cloth diapers. Read on to find out what makes this a great affordable option in cloth diapering!

About Smart Snugs
Smart Snugs is a family owned and operated company. They have an extremely high standard of integrity for themselves and the people they connect with. Their mission is to offer an affordable and reliable solution for busy families who might not have otherwise considered cloth diapers and they pride themselves in a great warranty and exceptional customer service!

Smart Snugs Review
I had the opportunity to review the NatureSnug in black. But they come in all sorts of other fun colors as well. The very first thing I noticed about this diaper was that the inside fleece lining was charcoal gray. This is because the NatureSnug comes with a bamboo charcoal microfleece liner. I love it! The charcoal gray hides stains and looks clean all the time. Plus it just looks different and classy. (If you can call a cloth diaper classy.) But not only does it look good, the bamboo is grown free of pesticides and chemicals. This is the perfect diaper for sensitive skin babies!

Each diaper comes with two liners. A soft microfleece liner and a ultra absorbent 5 layer insert. The 5 layer insert contains two outer layers of soft bamboo cotton and 3 layers of microfiber inside. Bamboo absorbs more liquid and is naturally antimicrobial to help control bacteria and odors. I personally love using just the 5 layer bamboo insert for daytime. It is easy to stuff and has not leaked on me yet!
The NatureSnug is a one size stay dry pocket diaper. It can adjust to fit babies ranging from 8-35 pounds. Little Brother is about 27 pounds and is average height and weight for his age at 22 months. This diaper fit great. He still has some snaps to go for growth on the sides, however I'm hoping potty training will be coming soon. So technically he would still have 8 more pounds of growth to go and still fit this diaper.

The NatureSnug neither has a high or low rise, just about average and comfortable. Plenty high to prevent leaks but not too high that causes discomfort. This diaper is also one of very few to offer hip wing snaps to adjust the fit around the legs to prevent leaks.

I have had zero problems washing this diaper. Both the diaper and inserts come out clean and fresh. I line dry the cover and it of course dries quickly, however the inserts dry very quickly in the dryer as well. No long waits for clean diapers with Smart Snugs.

The NatureSnug costs just $18. Which I feel is a great value for getting two inserts as well. Plus you get a ONE YEAR no hassle warranty! With that you can't go wrong! Smart Snugs also offers two other diapers as well. The SimpleSnug ($13.99) and the SnugBasics ($12.00).

Want to complete your entire cloth diaper needs with Smart Snugs? Check out their wet bags, night time boosters and my personal favorite and must have, bio-liners! Smart Snugs is your one stop shop!
I love that by purchasing Smart Snugs you are supporting a small business and family. You not only get affordable prices but an excellent product and most important I feel is the customer service. You have a problem, they will take care of you.

Keep up to date with Smart Snugs on Facebook, where you will always find fun and new stuff going on. Weekly giveaways, contests, coupon codes and more! You can also find them on Twitter!

WIN IT: Would you like to try a NatureSnug for yourself? You have the opportunity to win one now! Smart Snugs is generously offering one of my readers one of these great diapers! Enter the Rafflecopter below and GOOD LUCK!
Disclosure: I received this product for the purpose of review. I did not receive any compensation for this review. The opinions in my reviews are my own, and others’ opinions may vary. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.
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