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Monday, April 29, 2013

Ozeri Textured 10" Green Earth Pan featuring Greblon Review

*I was not paid for this post but provided with a Ozeri Pan for the purpose of review and my honest opinion. The following is my thoughts and review....

Over this past year of blogging I've had the opportunity to share with you many Ozeri products. All of the products I've shared I used in my home frequently if not on a daily basis. My Green Earth Wok and Brezza II Oscillating Fan are amongst my favorites and have held up to daily use beautifully.

Today I have another wonderful Ozeri product to share with you and it also has moved in and quickly become another favorite. The Ozeri Green Earth Textured Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan in the 10 inch size.

This pan is something new with the textured bottom. It is suppose to create air pockets to distribute heat underneath your food and enhance the cooking. It is also suppose to help prevent food from bonding for non-stick cooking and easy cleaning. I have to tell you I was a little bit worried about the texture. I had a set of pans once with a textured bottom and it was all I could do to clean the food out of them. However this texture was nothing like my old pans. It cooks beautifully and just rinsing the pan removed all the food. One quick swish with the sponge and it was as good as new.

You can see here in my photos that I cooked eggs to test out this pan. Normally without a good amount of cooking oil eggs will stick to my pans every time. I didn't use any oil for my test run and as you can see the eggs just folded over and didn't leave any stuck to the pans. Now that is amazing!

My favorite part about the Green Earth Pan collection is that they use an ultra safe ceramic coating that is 100% PTFE and PFOA free. Meaning no heavy metals or chemicals. In this pan the coating is Greblon ceramic from Germany. You can feel good cooking for your family with these pans, they get good food and no extra emissions from your pans.

The Green Earth Pans are super heavy duty as well. Made from durable heavy gauge die cast aluminum with a heat resistant silicone coated handle and a magnetized induction stove safe base for rapid heat transfer. No flimsy throw away pan here. As I mentioned before, the Green Earth Pans are replacing my old pan collection because they work so good each and every time.

About Ozeri
Ozeri has built quite the reputation for their products. They started out supplying their products the the destination club market including vacation residences, timeshares and condo hotel apartments around the globe. They have now emerged into the consumer market and focus more on the relationships they have built with these countless guests that have used their products around the world rather than placing tons of money into marketing and advertising. Therefor they are able to offer their products to us the consumer for much less.

The Ozeri Green Earth Textured 10" pan is currently $32.95 on

If you haven't tried any of the Ozeri products yet I highly suggest you do some research on what they have to offer. They have countless numbers of products and I guarantee you will be impressed.

Find out more about Ozeri and the products they offer on their Facebook page, as well as sales, specials, and more.

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  1. My son has one of their pans and he loves it. I believe he has the wok though