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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

benbat GoVinci Backpack Review

*We were not paid for this post but provided with a GoVinci Backpack for the purpose of review and our honest opinions. The following is our thoughts and review....
I recently had the opportunity to work with a company I had never heard of before, benbat. They have adorable smart products and I can't wait to show you this little GoVinci Backpack!

The GoVinci Backpack is an all-in-one backpack, drawing surface and mobile art showcase. The perfect solution for on the go toddlers and families or even for use at home. For ages 2 and up the backpack is small enough to comfortably fit toddlers, yet has a large hard surface for drawing or any other artistic activity. Once your done with your masterpiece, you simply unsnap the top corners and slide it in the clear window. Snap it up and your ready to show it to the world. Kids can have a new backpack design every day or even every hour if they wish!

The backpack has soft padded shoulder straps with safety reflectors and a soft EVA back for comfort. They come in five different colors, green, pink, blue, yellow and red and have adorable little ears on the top.

Big Brother loves this little backpack. It has become his artwork pack. The zippers are sturdy and it has a nice chunky zipper pull for little hands to open and close. Inside are two big pocket areas just the right size for papers and coloring books and a zippered pouch as well as a velcro pouch and elastic loops for pens/pencils, glue or water bottles. Whatever your child might use this pack for, there is a spot for everything. I also love that is opens up wide and it is very easy for a child to find just what they are looking for.

I think this will be a very cute and unique backpack for Big Brother to use at Preschool in the Fall. I'm thinking he would also love to have a picture of our family close by him at school and what a perfect way to keep it safe. The GoVinci Backpack retails for $34.99.

As I mentioned above benbat has other super cute and smart products such as the following...
The GoVinci in a trolley pack.

The YummiGo. Booster Seat and Storage Case. Smart.

Travel Friends for head and neck support on the go.

And other wonderful products as well! Super cute. Super colorful. Quality design and materials. We love our GoVinci Backpack and know you would too!

You can find out more about benbat and their fun products on Facebook! Be the first to find out and own these smart, useful products for families on the go!

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  1. Wow, what a great backpack! You can tell he really likes it!