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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

See Kai Run Review

I love See Kai Run! Is it really possible to "LOVE" something that isn't even for you and you can't even begin to try on? I suppose it is because I really love the line of kids shoes by See Kai Run. I think I came across my first pair when I was pregnant with my oldest son 4 years ago or so. Once I saw them I was hooked. (see my collection below)

The shoes have super flexible soles, soft leather and a wide toe box which promotes healthy foot development. They have oodles of styles to choose from and they are built to last! Most pairs we have owned have been through at least 2 boys and going strong! In fact the more they are worn, the more comfortable and worn in they get. (Of course that is my perspective as I can't actually wear them to test them out for myself.) They have also been awarded the American Podiatric Medical Association's Seal of Acceptance!

See Kai Run has 3 different sizing selections. Smaller which is a beginner shoe for ages 0-24 months with a soft-sole, great for first time walkers. See Kai Run which is their basic shoes for ages 6 months - 3 years. And thankfully in 2011 they added Kai, a bigger shoe for post-toddler and school aged kids. Average 2-6 years old. I was getting worried my oldest son was about ready to outgrow them when they introduced Kai.

My youngest son is still in the smaller line and we get compliments everywhere we go! You can almost guarantee if your kids have on their See Kai Run shoes they will be noticed. I even recently bought matching pairs for both of my boys for my sister's wedding as they were the ring bearers. The perfect shoe for every occasion.

And now while the boys shoes are very cute and stylish, the girls shoes are absolutely adorable. And as I have 2 boys I will never get the chance to purchase the girls line. But I hope you all take a peek and find your favorite pair...girl or boys!

This is my honest opinion of See Kai Run and they have not paid me or contacted me regarding this review. I do not guarantee all See Kai Run Facts. Please stop by their site for additional facts and info!


  1. These shoes are super cute! Very stylish and unique.

  2. Cute shoes! And they went perfect with those dresses :)

  3. Those are so cute and really looks comfortable.