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Thursday, May 2, 2013

PlasmaCar Review & Upcoming Giveaway

*I was not paid for this post but provided with a PlasmaCar for the purpose of review and my honest opinion. The following is my thoughts and review....
I've had the opportunity to review a lot of really neat and fun products for my blog, but PlasmaCar has been one of my very favorites. This little car is so fun! And best of all, no batteries required! Just some good ol' kid powered motion from your kids.
So what exactly is PlasmaCar? It is a very cool ride on toy with a little helicopter steering wheel. You simply put up your feet and wiggle the steering wheel back and forth. The forces of inertia, centrifugal force, friction and kid (or adult) power get the car moving quickly. Depending on how fast the steering wheel moves you can get up to 6 mph! Crazy right? Want to go backwards, simply turn the steering wheel 180 degrees and start turning the wheel. So cool!

I absolutely love that there is no batteries, gears or pedals. Just a fun and safe car and great for indoor or outdoor activity to get your kids moving. The best part? It supports up to 220 pounds! So I'm able to ride around the driveway and have a little fun too! It is not recommended for hardwood floors but other than that it can be used indoors or outdoors. We used ours inside on our laminate flooring until we then used it outside on the sidewalk. I wouldn't recommend bringing it back in as the wheels get scratched up.

The PlasmaCar is for ages 3 and up, Little Brother is two and although he can't really turn the wheel and get himself going, he can scoot around really fast with his feet too. Big Brother is 4 and can really get this car moving with just the steering wheel and no feet. It is really sturdy and well designed and they haven't took a spill yet. PlasmaCar is just a really fun toy that will get years and years of use for all ages.

The PlasmaCar comes with the parts you see here in the photo and does need some quick assembly to get it up and moving. Instructions are very simple and everything needed for assembly is included. In less than 10 minutes we were buzzing around the house with two very excited little boys.

We had the opportunity to review a red PlasmaCar (my favorite color) but there are five other color choices as well. Blue/red combo, Purple/Orange combo, Pink, Yellow and Green. Fun bright vibrant colors that any child would adore! Not to mention the bright color choices are great for being highly visible while outside riding.

You can take my word for what a fun awesome toy this is for your kids and worth every penny. (Currently $49.99 on Amazon) Or if that's not enough, check out this list of awards it has won. Obviously others think it is great too!

• 2012, Parents’ Choice Awards, Recommended, PlasmaCar
• 2009, Metro Moms, The Best and Hottest Products from Pregnancy to Preschool Seal, PlasmaCar
• 2009, Disney #1 Top Spring and Summer Kid Essentials, PlasmaCar
• 2009,Disney #7 Top Action Figures and Toys for Toddlers, PlasmaCar
• 2009, Green Parents List Check Mark, PlasmaCar
• 2009, The National Parenting Centre, Seal of Approval, PlasmaCar

They have also won numerous others, you can check out on their site for the entire list. Having been around for 10 years now they must be doing something right.

Make sure you check out PlasmaCar through their Facebook, Twitter and especially YouTube where you will find updates, reviews, specials and videos of PlasmaCar in use. A great video on how easy it is to assemble as well!

The sun is shining and we are off to ride our PlasmaCar. The perfect spring/summer toy for the whole family! Get yours today and start moving!

Win a Plasmacar of your very own in my 1 year Bloggoversary Giveaway!


  1. I look forward to coming back for the giveaway lOL

    1. No more waiting jed, giveaway is now live! Good Luck!

  2. I've always wanted one!!! My kids have used them at the children's museum in Spokane WA.
    Heidi Folsom