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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Kid Painted Mother's Day Canvas

10 days to go until Mother's Day! 
Time to get your last minute projects in order to surprise the mom in your life!

We have three mom's in our life. My mom and my husbands mom and step mom. We always like to do something special but not over the top expensive or crazy. We usually tend to opt for handmade gifts from the heart.
This year my husband surprised me with photos he had done of him and the boys. They turned out so cute and I knew they would be perfect to use for our Mother's Day gifts as well. I had in my head the boys painting on a canvas and then using that as the backdrop for the photos. 

I found a pack of three canvases at our local Ross store for $5.99! They were perfect! We already had a collection of paints and I used some black sticker frames and put them over the photo and glued them on. Super fun, super simple and they turned out so cute!

The boys had the best time painting and it kept them occupied for quite some time. They are very excited to show all the Grandma's their special gifts on Mother's Day!

So if your still not sure what to surprise your mom with this Mother's Day, you still have plenty of time to create a one of a kind canvas and melt their hearts. Photos are always a good choice for mom's!

{P.S. Mom's I hope you are not peeking at your upcoming gifts!}


  1. the handmade gifts from your kids are the best to get! yours turned out awesome!

  2. Awww, so cute! Those are going to be a huge hit!

  3. What a great idea! Thanks for linking up to my Mother's Day Pinterest Party!

  4. Your kids are adorable and this is one of the nicest "handprint" type crafts I have ever seen. One that could be displayed for a very long time. As a mom, I wouldn't mind my older son doing this for me and his dad. I would love to do this with my great-niece as a surprise for my nephew on Father's Day!

    1. Thank You so much Robin! What a sweet message! The mom's all thought they were pretty special!

  5. This turned out so cute! I might have to use it next year for Mother's Day!