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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Weekend Garage Sale Finds

I had another successful garage saling weekend! The perfect weather and was able to score some fantastic deals! 

Note: When I post about garage saling I usually go to two, maybe three sales a weekend. And usually don't make it out every weekend. We live in a smaller town so there is usually only a few and with two little ones and car seats it is hardly worth driving around loading and unloading, so we walk :o) I just wanted you to know this so you know that there is fantastic deals to be found and you don't have to be an extreme saler to find them!

Here is my score for this weekend...
New snow pants for big brother in size 4-5 and 6-7. I probably didn't need both but they were really nice pants and only $5 each. I would have liked them to be a little less but some neighborhood kids were selling their stuff and so I helped them out without being too cheap.

Snow Gloves for me - $2
Mini Hair Straightener - 75 cents
Blue "Cars" shoes for Little Brother - $1
Red "Cars" shoes for Little Brother - $3 (a bit big still but he loves cars so much we had to get them)
Chuggington Train Set - $1 (Big Brother bought with his own money)

My next haul was from one sale and a great score! 
GeoTrax Train Set - $15 (these things are outrageously expensive! And the boys are having so much fun with this. I wish I had been saling alone and I would have put it away for Christmas.)

And a lot of clothes for me and one Gap Hooded sweatshirt for Big Brother. All $1. 

Gap Shirt - $1
Old Navy Shirt - $1
Banana Republic Jeans - $1
Anne Taylor Loft Shorts - $1 (tag still on for $39!)
Black Shirt - $1
Puma warm ups - $1
Nike Warm Ups - $1

So for $23 we came home with everything in perfect condition and name brand!

Looking forward to what next weekend may bring as garage sales are winding down here in Oregon!

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