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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekend Garage Sale Finds = SCORE!

I absolutely love going to garage sales. It is the thrill of never knowing just what you might find. I mostly look for kids stuff, well because that's my life. But lately I've been finding great deals on clothing for me too!

We live in a small town so there usually isn't but a handful of sales each weekend. So I usually just load up the boys in the double buggy and we go to any within walking distance. I figure by the time I drive all over town and unload the boys from their car seats and then load them back in it would defeat the whole purpose of going.

Big Brother LOVES garage saleing almost as much as I do, if not more. We have been going together since he was a baby and he always gets to pick out a new toy if we hit a sale with kid stuff. This past Friday we had to travel to his 4 year doctors appointment in the neighboring city where there are endless garage sales. We wouldn't have too much time so I picked out a couple that sounded great on Craigslist and off we went.

The first and only sale we hit was a major score! Kid toys, kid clothes and more more more! I spent a total of $40 for 29 items! Everything was name brand and in excellent condition.
Here is what I came home with...

(for me)
• Hollister Sweatshirt 
• American Eagle Shirt
• Wet Seal Tank Top
• Nike Tank Top
• Book

(for Big Brother)
• 4 pairs of 5T jeans (for next year)
• pair of Carter's Sweatpants
• Quicksilver Hoodie
• 5 pairs of shorts
• 4 T-shirts
• 2 boxes of flash cards
• 4 Transformer Cars
• Word World Movie
• Crayola Magic Finger Paint (not pictured)
• Fisher Price Basketball Hoop

I was able to get numerous 5T items to put away for Big Brother next year and the big find was the basketball hoop for $5! It adjusts up to 6 feet! So averaged out each item was only $1.39! Can you tell how excited I am about it!

I also hit one local sale on Saturday and found four shirts for myself. All name brand and super cute for $1 each!

I'm already starting to panic as garage sale season only has a few good weeks left! It's a long winter waiting for good weather and sales to start back up again, usually not til early June if your lucky!


  1. Yay! Gotta love a good sale find. Saturday we stopped at one on our way to target, I found some brandnew scrap booking stuff (12x12album, 2 paper packs & diecuts), children's books and a few clothing items for myself for three big bags for $26. :)

  2. I love love love yard sales! I find so many great deals for the kids too. Can't pass them up when most items especially clothing are in great condition! I've already told my hubby I'm going mid month because that is when the 2nd pay day hits and people have the most yard sales! :)
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  3. what a haul! I love garage sales!!