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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Train Party!

My son turned 3 this past Summer. There was never a question as to what theme of party this would be as he is an absolute train fanatic. If it has a train on it, we have it. So the train theme party planning began...

First came the invitations. And since I'm a graphic designer I have the most fun designing the invitations myself and go all out. Here is what I came up with. It had a boarding ticket and train tracks for the envelope liner.

I always plan a full menu of food and dessert for the Birthday parties. So going with the early morning party time, (Dad had to work that afternoon) I planned breakfast food! Yes! Breakfast! We had Pancake puffers (pancake batter I baked in a mini muffin pan) with multiple options of syrup for dipping, we had bacon, we had fresh fruit, juice and instead of cake we had DONUTS! This was by far the most fun, affordable Birthday meal I have planned. Each food item got a special train name and tag.

I made many trained themed railroad signs and of course the "Annie & Clarabelle" train cars from cardboard boxes to go with our Thomas the Train Engine tent. I also made the Birthday boy his very own special train cake. We had a beautiful day and the breakfast party was a hit. I think this will be a new tradition for his Summer Birthday.


  1. Oh wow! This looks like so much fun, I love your ideas! Where did you find the big boxes to cut out and decorate? My son would love this!

    1. I called my local Sears store and they saved a couple for me! They were the hit of the party!